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Ever wondered what it is like renting a scooter off-site from Buena Vista Scooters for your Walt Disney World trip?

After renting both scooters off-site from Buena Vista Scooters [sponsored] during my Walt Disney World vacation and on-site for a day at Disneyland [not sponsored] in July 2021, I am eager to share my words of wisdom and tips from my own experience. If I fail to answer your burning question, feel free to ask in the comments below!

Buena Vista Scooters review

Disclaimer: I received my scooter in Florida from Buena Vista Scooters for review purposes but all opinions are my own. My scooter at Disneyland was not sponsored by Disney Parks.

I cannot stress enough how helpful it will be to rent your scooter from OFF site when visiting Walt Disney World! Scooters are available for rental from numerous companies such as Buena Vista Scooters.

Drop-offs and Pick-ups from Disney World Resorts

When staying at a Walt Disney World or Disneyland hotel you can often find a rental company that will deliver and pick up from the hotel. For instance, Buena Vista Rentals whom I used had three dedicated times each day for drop-offs and pick-ups at official Walt Disney World resorts.

Only ScooterBug (as of August 2021) is allowed to drop off and pick up to the concierge at each hotel without the guest being present but their scooters are set to run at the same speed as the official Disney scooters that you rent on-site hence why I hesitate to recommend them unless you cannot find a company that can do a drop-off and pick up that works with your schedule.

My flight got into Orlando, Florida, mid-afternoon so I chose the evening pick-up time from Buena Vista Scooters (6:15 pm for All-Star Movies, as of August 2021). Each resort has different times so if you absolutely cannot be at your resort for either a drop-off or pick-up time consider looking at a resort that is next to the park you’ll be visiting. For instance, they currently have a 4:45 p.m. time at Contemporary Resort (as of August 2021) that is just a few minutes away from the Magic Kingdom by Monorail or footpath.

Much to my surprise and delight the driver that evening was early by a good 15-20 minutes and called me on my cell phone to say he was at the resort. Since I was already there myself it worked out perfectly and I was able to meet him at the front of the resort by the bus stop.

He gave me a quick demonstration on how to use the scooter’s controls and was waving goodbye in no time at all while I was motoring the scooter to my room so I could drop off the case of water that came with the rental of the Deluxe Scooter. [The 35-pack of Nestle water is also available for purchase as an “extra” from Buena Vista Scooters for $13.99 as of August 2021.]

In the summertime, this pack of water was one of the best bonuses for getting my scooter through Buena Vista Scooters!!

Much like the ease of the delivery of my scooter at the beginning of my vacation was the ease of the return of my rental when we checked out. I had scheduled a 2:15 p.m. return time from in front of the All-Star Movies Resort so we would have plenty of time before our return to the MCO Airport in Orlando, Florida.

When our Disney bus was pulling into the parking lot of the All-Star Movies Resort after a fun morning at Animal Kingdom, I spotted a couple of employees from Buena Vista Scooters waiting by a van/truck and made my way over to them despite it being a good half hour before my scheduled return time. They were just as pleasant and quickly took possession of my scooter rental so that I could walk into the air-conditioned lobby where my friend was waiting.

The ease of dealing with Buena Vista Scooters was so wonderful that I was really disappointed when I had to settle for an official Disneyland scooter for my one-day trip to the park later that month.

Perks of Renting a Deluxe Scooter from Buena Vista Scooters

All Deluxe Scooters come with the following equipment and extras –

  • A high-back seat, for added comfort, (Normally Rents Daily for $10)
  • One built-in cup holder,
  • A convenient area for cellphone storage,
  • A second, removable, cup holder — for his and hers, (Normally Rents Daily for $5)
  • A “tiller” cover, helping protect electric components from rain,
  • An overhead canopy, providing shade from the hot Florida sun, (Normally Rents Daily for $8)
  • A covered “Rear Bag”, designed to store and shield belongings from inclement weather, (Normally Rents Daily for $8/day)
  • A case of Nestle or Dasani water (35ct. 16oz. bottles) ($13.99 value)
  • Our monthly promotional item ($20 value)
  • A built-in USB port, to ensure phones and tablets are charged and ready to capture every moment, PRICELESS

At $49/day (as of August 2021), you will experience daily savings of $31 in rentals and $27.99 in FREE giveaways!

How Do Buena Vista Scooter’s Accessories Compare to the Official Disney Scooters?

I found that I really missed the “convenient area for cellphone storage” when I rented from Disneyland later that month. This storage area is located just below the USB charging ports and also has room for you to put your water bottle. The official Disney scooters have the front basket but who wants to put their phone there where it can be easily snatched by anyone watching by? Definitely not as convenient nor as safe!

deluxe scooter cellphone holder
(c) Buena Vista Scooters

The other thing I really missed when I was using the Disneyland scooter was the overhead canopy! What a blessing this can be during the summer months!! I had packed a wide-brimmed hat to help keep me cool but it was not needed thanks to this canopy. If it rains, however, be sure to wipe off any rain that may have collected on top of the canopy otherwise it will eventually seep through the canopy and give you a nice little bath LOL.

The “rear bag” was also a huge blessing in Florida for holding my backpack that would otherwise not fit into the front basket. When I was at Disneyland, I had to put my backpack between my legs on the platform of the scooter or loop it over the back of the scooter.

Will my Deluxe Scooter Fit onto the Disney Buses?

Yes. I will be writing a post about using Disney buses but for now, allow me to address whether your scooter will fit on the buses in the wheelchair/scooter designated spaces. The answer is without a doubt – YES.

During my week at Walt Disney World, I only had two Disney drivers complain about the scooter. One actually had me take the rear bag off and hold it during our ride to the park and another after I explained that other drivers have had no problems let me on without any further argument.

4 Best Reasons for Renting a Scooter OFF Site at Disneyland or Walt Disney World

  1. Ease and convenience of getting your scooter at the resort versus the parks. (where it is not guaranteed they’ll be in stock).
  2. Better rates. For instance, the Deluxe Scooter from Buena Vista Scooters is $49 a day in comparison to Disney’s $50 a day + $20 refundable deposit at Walt Disney World. [At Disneyland, the fee is $60 per day plus a $15 refundable deposit.]
  3. Speed. At Disneyland and Walt Disney World, the official scooters, as well as ScooterBug’s approved scooters, are painfully slow as I learned at Disneyland. Off-site scooters from places like Buena Vista Scooters at their slowest will leave the official scooters in their dust and allow you to keep up with your party with no trouble at all. When I was at Disneyland, the scooter I used from Disney was so slow that my family had to often wait for me to catch up! Not so at Walt Disney World thanks to Buena Vista Scooters.
  4. Turning Radius. At Disneyland and Walt Disney World, the scooters have four-wheels, and off-site places like Buena Vista Scooters offer three-wheel scooters. The difference is huge when maneuvering around queues!!! The queues for rides have very tight spots to turn and often those corners can be dark and difficult to see. With a three-wheel scooter from Buena Vista Scooters, you can make much sharper turns and I personally had fewer “accidents” running into the walls or having to back up versus at Disneyland using an official scooter.

The #1 Accessory You Need For Your Mobility Scooter

If you rent a mobility scooter from Disney or an outside vendor such as Buena Vista Scooters, the #1 accessory you’ll want to bring with you is a set of rearview mirrors that you can attach to your handlebar. You’ll be so grateful to have these when constantly having to back up and turn around.

How to Contact Buena Vista Scooters


Address: Buena Vista Scooter Rentals, 7330 Exchange Dr (Unit 80), Orlando, FL 32809

Office Phone: 866-484-4797 [8 a.m. – 9 p.m. EST]


I hope this has been useful and helpful for you in deciding whether you’ll be renting your scooter from Buena Vista Scooters or on-site at Walt Disney World. As always, all opinions are my own and unbiased.

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