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Who doesn’t love brunch? I believe it’s my favorite meal of the day especially when it is shared with loved ones.  Doah, a girlfriend whom I had met at AWANA Scholarship Camp in junior high (’97?) and hadn’t seen since high school (2001?), and I decided it was about time we grab some food and catch up!
Yours Truly, Laurie and Doah. 2001-ish.
Yours Truly, Doah. 5 October 2013.

Grabbing one of Doah’s good friends from law school, Kristina, we headed over to BLD Restaurant off Beverly Blvd. in Los Angeles, for a delicious and leisurely brunch.  The great thing about when three women go to brunch is that plates are swapped and dishes are sampled all to the betterment of the meal and everyone’s pallets.

I ordered their famous Ricotta Blueberry Pancakes with butter and berkshire maple syrup.  For $14 you get two pancakes the size of the plate (no joke – these babies are HUGE!) and a mouthful of wonderful yumminess!  Blueberries melt in your mouth and the slightest bit of crunch makes these pancakes my all-time favorites. Even after sharing portions with the girls, I had 1/2 left over to take home!

Kristina ordered the BLD Vegan Burger with jalapeño cashew cheese, avocado and alfalfa sprouts. I tend to avoid spicy foods (except for my weakness for spicy tuna rolls) but this was delicious. What a combination of yumminess.

Doah ordered the House Made Turkey Sausage Frittata with a side of home fries. The potatoes were heavenly — probably the best I have ever had! Just order a side of the spanish chorizo home fries ($6)! You won’t regret it. Yum. Yum.

Weekends are obviously very popular and busy at BLD so if you have a party of 5+ reservations are highly recommended. Groups under 5 cannot make reservations on the weekends and the wait can be roughly half an hour.  Keep in mind that you will not be seated until your entire party is present.  But don’t let the wait keep you away because this IS the place for brunch, hands down with great service, excellent food and a Pottery Barn-esque decor!

Blouse: Zara B&W Collection, Sunnies: Tiffany’s, Purse: Onna Ehrlich

In short, go go go! And when you do, call me because I am tagging along, invited or not. 🙂 I cannot believe I’ve only been here 2 times.

My 1st visit @ BLD. April 2011.

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they have since closed.