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After a very exciting and productive meeting in town, I called up my friend Natasha and we decided to track down some of the “Books About Town” benches in Bloomsbury, Natasha’s favourite part of town. With our tummies filled with yummy Italian deliciousness, we found our first bench in Brunswick Square — Jeeves and Wooster, which is currently a play on the West End.
 Pantering around a bit, we came across the second — Sherlock Holmes! Awww what girl doesn’t love Sherlock Holmes? Natasha says there is a Russian version so I need to check it out and I recommended she watch my favourite modern-day version (ducking from any Benedict fans) Elementary starring Jonny Lee Miller. And seriously who doesn’t love Jeremy Brett‘s version?
sitting in between two awesome detectives. 😉
Next up: Mrs. Dalloway! Natasha had not read it before but I was immediately transported to my uni days and Dr. Doland’s class. Good ol’ Virginia Woolf.
 Awww – it was Earnest! And what a dangerous little part of town you find the good babe. Cyclists are whizzing up and down this little path so be careful that you don’t end up as a casualty. 😉
 Natasha hadn’t read or seen any adaptations of Importance of Being Earnest but once I mentioned Colin Firth she grinned and added it to her list. 🙂
 Aww how fitting a location for the 1984 bench outside one of London’s universities.
 We had to try a selfie… You can see some of the bench behind Natasha.
 Next up was a book that neither of us had read or even heard about yet. Classic science fiction in case you couldn’t tell from the meteors in the painting.
 Ladies and gentlemen — The Day of the Triffids.
 Dusk was setting in so we hurried along as we had quite a few left on the list to visit. And look who we stumbled across – Bond, James Bond! 🙂
 A sweet girl offered to take a photo of the two of us; its a bit blurry but aww well 😉
Across the way from the 007 bench was the Agatha Christie bench. One great female writer well known for Detective Poirot and Miss Marple and of course The Mousetrap.
 Finally we landed on one Pride and Prejudice bench which unfortunately seemed lacking to the pair of us – perhaps its because of the artwork or perhaps we’d seen so many other amazing ones? Poor Jane Austen.
 Nevertheless we had to snap a photo or two in front of the bench. Although wouldn’t it have been more appropriate to have Mr. Darcy in the front so you can take a pic with him? 😀
I love that the house across had their hall light on – was quiet atmospheric.
 Our tour ended with the boy who never wanted to grow up – Peter Pan! And look at the colours and beautiful creations on this bench!
 Natasha was a bit awestruck to see her boy wonder 😉
 Yep – I reckon we both were! 🙂
 Look at that – a selfie with the Pan himself. Nice work, Natasha.
 Before heading off into the twilight, Natasha showed me where the great Rossetti and Morris lived in Bloomsbury. How fun.
 Having spent an hour or so on the literary trail, we took the Northern Line into Highgate and visited my favourite pub, The Flask, where the greats such as Samuel Taylor Coleridge, William Hogarth, Byron, Shelley and Keats were all regulars in their time.
 Drinking our ciders, we gabbed about what else but literature. This time we chose Russian literature and discussed War and Peace and Anna Karenina.
Aww such a fun Friday evening with this lovely lady! Unfortunately we missed two on the Bloomsbury trail but the benches will be around until mid September so we have plenty of time to try all the other trails and visit all 50 benches in total.
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