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Blogging for Books generously sent me a copy of Pete Evan’s The Paleo Chef, a beautiful hardbound cookbook that prides itself on “Quick, Flavorful Paleo Meals for Eating Well“.
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Who is Pete Evans?

Pete Evans is an acclaimed international chef and television personality hailing from Australia with over a half dozen cooking books to his name. He is a judge on teh Australian reality show, My Kitchen Rules, and his pizza parlour was heralded by Oprah during her Australian Adventure.
(c) Random House, 2015

The Paleo Chef

Pete Evans provides 216 pages full of beautifully photographed dishes (and drinks) alongside a brief introduction about the Paleo lifestyle and over 100 recipes for everything from breakfast to dessert to drinks.
(c) Pete Evans, 2015

The 4-1-1

The book is a visual feast, undoubtedly. I am not currently following the Paleo lifestyle so my opinion comes from having never opened a single Paleo cookbook nor stocked my pantry with the needed ingredients such as coconut oil and coconut cream (two ingredients Pete Evans uses quite liberally in his recipes).
That said, I found the book to be overwhelming and daunting. I don’t believe there is a single recipe in the book that I could accomplish without a visit to the grocers. The introduction appears to be written for the Paleo novice such as myself but is too simplified.
Also, although the book claims to be full of “quick” meals, most recipes required at least 30 minutes (one even requiring at least 12 hours to marinate). So if you are pressed for time and looking for a ‘quick’ meal, I would recommend passing on this particular cookbook.
For those who are interested in the Paleo lifestyle, I would recommend finding another book, to begin with.
For those who are already living a Paleo lifestyle, this book might be worth picking up from your local bookshop or favorite online retailer as it is filled with glorious looking recipes including Raw Cauliflower Tabbouleh, Chorizo & Seafood Paella, Tuna Tartare on Nori Crisps and a dairy-free Mixed Berry Cheesecake.

Where to buy the book?

The Paleo Chef can be purchased at most bookshops and online.

The Disclaimer: I received this book to review compliments of Random House but all opinions are my own.