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One week until Christmas and before you know it we’ll be embarking on a new year adventure in 2016.  Likely you or your friends/family will be making a resolution to eat healthy in the new year and what better than a cookbook filled with inventive and creative recipes for good mental health.

Rebecca Katz’s The Healthy Mind Cookbook has over 120 recipes for everything from tonics, meats, veggies, and soups.  According to the book cover, the recipes are

formulated to optimize brain health, boost memory, improve mood, sharpen the central nervous system, and more.”

A skeptic such as myself might wonder if it’s possible these recipes can truly live up to all the hype.  Rebecca and her co-writer, Mat Edelson, generously cite the science behind their methodology. So whether or not these recipes will create a healthier mind is TBD.

With my fatigue and mental fogs, I would love a cookbook that helps me think better but ironically the dishes are filled with foods that I am not allowed to eat. 😉

The photographs do make the dishes look delicious so either way, happy cooking!

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