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Book: God’s Good News
Author: Billy Graham
Intended Ages: 4-11
Rating: Four Stars

Review: Anyone who is a fan of the late Rev. Billy Graham will love this children’s devotional for their children. It is filled with more than 60 child friendly devotions (written by Graham) and Bible stories. The Bible stories, as would be expected of Graham, are taken directly from the Bible (Scriptural references are given) and there is certainly no watering down of the good news. At the end of each lesson he provided his very own words of wisdom in a short devotion for the family. This would actually also be a great lesson book for a Sunday school teacher now that I think about it.

The accompanying illustrations by Scott J. Wakefield are bright, colorful and help bring the Bible story to life in a little one’s imagination.

This would make a great Christmas gift not only for your own child but for any other young children you know. This new edition‘s hardbound pages are well sewn together, the size is smaller, the illustrations are classic in nature, and the attached ribbon bookmark help set this book apart from other children/family devotionals and make it a timeless treat. Not to mention it is cheaper then the original!

Christianity is good news. . . . When we open up the Bible, it is good news from cover to cover. It’s the good news that God loves us.” —Billy Graham

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