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Cookbooks pop up on the New Releases shelf faster than you can say ‘Pasta!’ It’s true and half the time you come away with a book that will sit on your shelf collecting dust while you spend more time fixing family favorites and trying out new recipes from Pinterest and the like. Sad but true. So when I heard about last week’s new release, Genius Recipes, I figured why not check it out, right?
The premise is that “genius recipes” are the ones that surprise us and make us rethink the way we cook. Great premise, right? Top that off with the idea that the recipes found in this new cookbook (released 7 April 2015) are passed down from celebrated chefs, bloggers and authors. Pretty high expectations for a cookbook and sadly the reason this book falls dreadfully short. The book is hardbound and filled with lovely photographs of the dishes but at that price you want those much talked about “genius recipes“. Unfortunately they do not show up (for the most part).
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For example… breakfast dishes. What would you equate to a good or even great recipe? Perhaps you’d find an entree for a quiche or granola or how about a frittata? In Genius Recipes, you find such recipes as: English Porridge, Olive Oil and Maple Granola, Crepes, Raised Waffles and Poached Scrambled Eggs. Yes, a few of those could definitely be in the “great” category but “genius”?

The book is based on a terrific premise and there are definitely some recipes that stand out as unique but truly genius? I don’t know. I mean, take for instance the puddings/desserts on show. Who hasn’t already tested out a blueberry pie? or chocolate mousse? or strawberry shortcakes? While I have no doubt the recipes are delicious, can they truly be called “genius”?
Like I always say, these are simply MY opinions and you might very well find these recipes to be genius. Either way, I hope this has been a helpful review.