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Every woman in America has at one time indulged in The Bachelor(ette) franchise. I remember joining all my Alpha sisters at university in the common room to watch the weekly episodes while drinking hot chocolate and munching on popcorn. Those were the crazy university days. Fast forward a decade later and Sean Lowe was the 17th Bachelor after being rejected by Bachelorette Emily (Season 8). I had not watched the show religiously for several years but was intrigued by the “Virgin Bachelor” title. And who doesn’t love their ‘happily ever after’ ending featuring the first televised wedding of a Bachelor marrying his chosen one (previous Bachelor Jason married Molly who was technically his second choice).

So for those of you who enjoy a healthy dose of reality television, are romantically inclined (or skeptical), a fan of Sean and Catherine, and/or admire the choice to wait until marriage, the recently published For the Right Reasons by Sean Lowe might be an entertaining bit of reading. The book was published February 3rd of this year and is available for sale at any bookseller and online.

About the Book:

Obviously there is a great deal focusing on Sean’s Bachelor(ette) “journey” and courtship of Catherine. The book also features Sean’s life before joining Bachelor nation and his relationship with God and reasons for his commitment to wait until marriage. The story is candidly put and while not Pulitzer Prize winning writing it makes for an easy page-turner and some light reading. Even those who are not fans of the Bachelor(ette) world might find his tale inspirational.
For those keen to get a behind-the-scenes view of Bachelor(ette) nation, you won’t be disappointed. Even I, as a skeptical viewer, came away with a more sympathetic view of the dating show.

Now, would I recommend the book?

Sure. It is a fun and easy read – especially for any Bachelor fan and those who share Sean and Catherine’s faith and beliefs.