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Everyone to some degree is a photographer in this day and age. Just look at all those Instagram pics people can take with their smartphones. So whether you use photography for your blog, make photography your livelihood, or enjoy dabbling with the odd photograph here and there, we can all appreciate a properly composed photograph.

Former attorney, Sarah Wilkerson, CEO of Clickin Moms, has teamed with Random House to bring about Capture the Moment, a lovely hardback book that can double as instructional and coffee table material. It’s tag line reads “the modern photographer’s guide to finding beauty in everyday and family life” and would appear to live up to its promise. Over two hundred pages are chalk full of instruction and photographic examples on topics ranging from natural light to fine art to low light. The photographs come from an impressively wide directory of contributors (all women) and include specifics of how each photograph was captured including ISO, the MM of the lens and aperture.
The instructions are all well illustrated (1 photo per tip) and neither too long-winded nor too brief. There are also a few suggested “creativity exercises” for each chapter that anyone can test out.
So, while this book is obviously intended as a guide for the modern photographer, I would again attest to the fact that like previously reviewed book Nourish, this would make an excellent coffee table book. Everyone can gain something from the book and the photos chosen by Ms. Wilkerson are quite lovely in their own right.