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Celebrating a birthday at Walt Disney World can be one of the most magical and memorable ever.

Mickey Mouse Celebration Cake Birthday at Walt Disney World

When I was working at Walt Disney World in the college program, I remember loving whenever I saw a guest wearing a celebration pin. It meant I had a special reason to cheerfully wish them well and at certain times I might even have the option to give these guests a special birthday cupcake on the Mouse or perhaps a Disney starter trading pin.

But it was not the potential freebies I remember most but the smiles on their faces when I would wish them happy birthday and call them by their given name. For example, if I saw a girl wearing a pin that said “Happy 7th birthday Emma” I would make sure to take a moment to greet her by saying, “Happy birthday, Emma! 7 is going to be a great year for you.”

You could count on the guest’s face just beaming with delight at being acknowledged and treated like a celebrity on her special day.

So when I decided I wanted to go to Walt Disney World, I knew I had to celebrate my birthday during the trip. Unfortunately the trip could not happen on my exact birthday due to circumstances beyond my control but that doesn’t mean I can’t celebrate.

In fact, I’m planning on making my trip an epic celebration trip – being off of oxygen for over a year!, being able to walk better, my friendship with my travel partner, my travel partner’s wedding that I sadly missed, and of course my (belated) birthday at Walt Disney World!

Is Disney World FREE on your birthday?

No. There was a previous campaign run by Disney Parks at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World where you could get into the parks for free on your actual birthDAY. That campaign has now ended.

Only children 2 and under get into the parks for free at this time.

Here are FIVE ways to celebrate your birthday at Walt Disney World –

#1. Get a Celebration Button from Walt Disney World

Everyone loves a FREE souvenir and Walt Disney World cast members are eager to sprinkle some pixie dust on their guests by handing out FREE celebration buttons – birthday, happily ever after, celebration and 1st visit.

The easiest way to get a button is to stop by the front desk at your Walt Disney World resort when you check-in and ask the kind cast member if you can get a celebration button. Now you’re able to go straight into the park without stopping at Guest Services in the parks the next day.

Wear your button proudly and be prepared for cast members and guests alike to wish you well and even start calling you by your given name. You’ll feel like a prince or princess yourself. Step aside, Mickey. We have a new celebrity in town.

You’ll surely make lots of great memories wearing your “Happy Birthday” button while celebrating your birthday at Walt Disney World and it won’t even cost you a single cent more.

#2. Wear a birthday shirt or outfit at Walt Disney World

Is it just me who loves to get dolled up and dress for the occasion? On my birthday I love to spice up my look even if it’s just with a bit of makeup or jewelry.

You’ll feel so good and confident if you are wearing something special for your birthday celebration while going around the parks at Walt Disney World.

Ladies, if you want to wear a dress but are afraid of any slippage, consider wearing some bike shorts or even jean shorts underneath your dress or skirt and you’ll have peace of mind.

#3. Order a Mickey Mouse Celebration Cake

Walt Disney World knows how to celebrate a birthday at the resorts and parks. One of their favorite suggestions is to order a celebration cake for the birthday boy or girl.

Mickey Mouse Celebration Cakes are currently (as of June 2021) $39 each plus gratuity and tax where applicable. The cakes can come in either white or chocolate and a special message such as “Happy Birthday” or “Congratulations” on Mickey’s ears on the cake.

Allergy Alert: Mickey Mouse celebration cakes contain gluten, wheat, soy, milk and eggs. There is also the chance of cross-contamination with peanuts and tree nuts due to the workspace in the kitchen.

The cake can feed 4-6 folks and can be preordered for after dinner or lunch at many of Walt Disney World’s table service restaurants including Be Our Guest and Beaches & Cream Soda Shop.

I was even surprised to see you could order a celebration cake at World Premiere Food Court at All-Star Movies [a value resort]!

#4. Have Dinner at a Signature Restaurant at Walt Disney World

5 ways to celebrate birthdays at disney parksA special meal with a view of the fireworks is an excellent way to cap off one’s birthday celebrations at Walt Disney World. Where else can you see fireworks on your birthday (unless of course you were born on Fourth of July or New Years Eve)?

Be sure to mention when checking in for your dining reservation that you are celebrating a birthday. [There’s currently an option to specify a celebration and also allergies when checking in on the My Disney Experience (MDE) app.]

You aren’t entitled to anything special but it never hurts to mention your celebration.

You might find some pixie dust scattered over the table, receive a signed birthday card from the characters at Chef Mickey’s, or even get a birthday cupcake.

No matter whether you get a special something from the restaurant or not, you are sure to have a magical evening (or afternoon) eating at one of Walt Disney World’s table service restaurants surrounded by the magic of Disney.

And who says your companions cannot sing Happy Birthday to you or buy you a glass of sparkling wine to celebrate?

Make the most of your time and enjoy making memories that will last a lifetime.

#5. For 1st birthdays – Baby’s 1st Haircut at Harmony Barber Shop

Last but not least, if you are celebrating a baby’s first birthday, might I recommend a reservation for The Harmony Barber Shop on Main Street, U.S.A., in the Magic Kingdom.

Order a “first haircut” and you’ll get a haircut, keepsake lock of hair, commemorative Mickey Ears (!!), and an official milestone certificate.

Prices start at $25 plus tax.

I know that if I was a parent I would love to celebrate my baby’s first birthday at Walt Disney World with a commemorative first haircut. Sounds so cute and special.

As of June 2021, Harmony Barber Shop is temporarily unavailable.

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