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I just read the most insulting, disgusting, and offensive lyrics in my life. I am still reeling and finding it hard to get the lyrics out of my mind even though I’ve turned on the Kari Jobe Station of Amazon Music. Yes, I knew the creators were the same men behind SOUTH PARK (a show I’ve never watched) and to expect raunchy humor and crude language. But this is beyond the pale.

Hasa Diga

In an interview I found on-line a cast member (to remain unnamed) from The Book of Mormon said:

Some people when we get to Hasa Diga, it’s too much for them and they say, “That’s it. I’m out.”

That drew my attention so I googled Hasa Diga and was in for the shock of my life. No show that uses that kind of language is appropriate for any decent human beings who believe in a monotheistic God IMO.

I rarely “preach” on this blog – I avoid politics and religious topics for a reason. But I cannot let my fellow Christians walk blindly into the theatre in July to see BOOK OF MORMON when it comes to Thousand Oaks, California. Yes, we know it will be raunchy and crude but this is something far worse than crude. Something far more offensive and disgusting that no words can describe.

If you are really considering going to see BOOK OF MORMON please do yourself a favor and read the lyrics to Hasa Diga and decide from there whether that’s the kind of stuff you want to hear.

Going back to listening to some soothing music for my soul. God bless all of us.

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The Book of Mormon is offensive and profane and Christians should rethink going to see it. Hasa Diga has to be the most offensive song I have ever heard. #hasadiga #thebookofmormon #faith #christian #broadway #thejoyousliving

What will you accept in entertainment before it becomes offensive? #entertainment #thebookofmormon #hasadiga #offensive #christian #musical #theatre #thejoyousliving