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Promoting a blog. How to get traffic on you blog. Facebook groups every blogger should join. Facebook groups that helped me with promoting a blog. #promotingablog #blogtips #blogresources #thejoyouslivingAs a blogger, one of the hardest things has to be finding your audience and getting eyes on your material. Hopefully, by promoting your blog on Facebook in one or all of these suggested groups, you’ll be able to give your posts the extra boost they need!

But there are hundreds of groups out there! So where in the world do we begin? And which groups have moderators who will make sure that your hard work supporting other bloggers is reciprocated? Where should you spend your time and effort in promoting a blog post?

Warning – Watch out for your Bounce Rate

I have experienced my fair share of groups that were a waste of time and caused my Bounce Rate to go as high as 80% (Yikes!) so I will happily steer you away from those and instead focus on 7 of my favorite groups that I daily engage with. And you know what? My bounce rate for today is 1.38%!!

Best Facebook Groups for Promoting a Blog

In today’s post, I am focusing specifically on groups that require reciprocation in their threads.

1. Bloggers Growing Together

Kelly Loftus of KA Inspired created this group to help with promoting a blog and gaining page views. The daily threads (limit to 20 bloggers) require each blogger to spend at least 3 minutes on the other blogs and to click through to 5 pages.

Kelly and her moderator, Margaret of Let’s Learn to Sew, do a thorough job of moderating and make sure that everyone participates or they get booted.

The result – This group is amazing for promoting a blog and for improving your Google Analytics and bounce rates. Win-Win!

2. Bloggers United

Laura of Loopy Lou Laura and Pooja of Colossal Umbrella do a good job of moderating Bloggers United with numerous daily threads that will help with promoting a blog. Threads range from Facebook likes to Blog Comments to Visits Via Social Media. I usually join the Social Media thread where you click through from a social media post (google search, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) to someone’s blog and click through to another post too.

Recently Laura and Pooja have asked all members to share their screenshots of web history to prove they’ve completed the thread properly. It’s really helped to root out those who drop a link and run.

The Result – This group too is amazing for bounce rates and also helps with Google search clicks (if you choose). You will see that by promoting a blog with this group you will, in turn, see positive results on Google Analytics.

3. Pinning for a Profit

Again, a group by Kelly of KA Inspired, this group is specifically for Pinterest clicks. Unlike other groups where there is no accountability and terrible bounce rates, Kelly insists that everyone clicks through to a second page only after staying on the initial landing page for at least one minute.

Similar to her popular “Bloggers Growing Together” group, she is serious about moderating the group and makes sure that rules are followed.

The Result – Terrific for bounce rates and giving your Pinterest account an extra boost and in turn it helps with promoting a blog.

4. Pinfinite Traffic for Bloggers

Jen, the creator of the awesome Pinfinite Traffic Bootcamp course (15% off with code: JOYOUS15), has a very popular group with daily click-through threads (max of 50 bloggers) that help with promoting a blog. Jen also mixes it up with threads like “pin from the post” and “blog clicks” and “blog share” that do not always require 100% reciprocation.

Unlike the above 3 groups, this one is HUGE and does not seem to be moderated as closely. Often if I join a 50 Pin Click Through, I will be lucky to get 23 clicks and the bounce rates can get high.

The result – 50/50. I love the group for the opportunity of promoting a blog post but if I see my analytics tanking I’ll take a break from the group. If you don’t have much time or energy, this is probably a pass since reciprocation is not guaranteed.

5. Facebook Fans

Do you have a Facebook page? Want to have eyes on your Facebook posts? This is a great group that is moderately moderated where you can join daily “like”, “reaction” or “comment” threads. I personally have received 20+ reactions and 70+ likes on some posts. Of course, when you receive all those reactions and likes, you also have to give those out too.

My favorite thread in the group is an Insta Like thread every morning at 8 a.m. PST where everyone posts their Facebook photos that need extra love and in the next 30 minutes everyone “likes” those posts. So within 30 minutes, I can have 15-20 likes on my Facebook photo. And if I see someone hasn’t liked said photo, I can comment and the moderator is good about following up to make sure everyone participates.

The Result – This is a great group for helping get eyes on my Facebook page since the algorithm changed and for promoting a blog on Facebook.

6. Blog Comments

Ben Butler, who runs a VA boutique called Bizzy Bim, runs Blog Comments with daily threads that require everyone to comment on each other’s posts.

This is a terrific group for gaining blog comments because sometimes it will be up to 30 participants meaning 29 fresh eyes on your blog as well as comments! And Ben does a good job to make sure that there aren’t controversial posts (no porn, religion, or politics) and that everyone participates positively.

The results – The blog comments help with promoting a blog, blog SEO, backlinks, and getting more blog views. And for the most part, the comments are meaningful and demonstrate that the blogger has actually read my post. There have been a few embarrassing times when folks seem to have skimmed the post and mix up names in sponsored posts but that is rare.

7. Entertainment Bloggers United

Of course, I had to mention my own group, right? 🙂

Entertainment Bloggers United is for anyone who blogs about Entertainment (books, Disney, movies, restaurant reviews, theatre, tv, etc.). I have several threads such as Facebook likes/comments, Twitter re-tweets, Pinterest repins, and Blog comments. For every post you share, you are asked to return the favor to someone else.

We are a young group so I even offer a fun shoutout to a member who’s post is shared with the group without needing reciprocation.

Hope you will join us!!

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So there you have it. 7 of my favorite Facebook groups for promoting a blog. Do you have a favorite group? Do share in the comments below! And maybe we’ll meet online thanks to one of these groups one day!

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Promoting a blog. How to get traffic on you blog. Facebook groups every blogger should join. Facebook groups that helped me with promoting a blog. #promotingablog #blogtips #blogresources #thejoyousliving

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