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Yay! The 2020 #AtoZChallenge is fast approaching and I am so excited to announce my 2020 THEME REVEAL. I have been toying with a dozen ideas and finally decided to try something a bit different and focus on FAMILY HISTORY!

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Family History

When I got sick in 2015, one of the few things I was able to do was research the family history on‘s app on my iPad. It was such a great time killer and also like a treasure hunt for this history fan. So this upcoming month of April I will be sharing tidbits from my family’s history as well as tips on how to seek out your own ancestry on-line.


B Brewster Family

C Census Records

D Dayton Family

E Eberle Family

F Find a Grave

G GenealogyBank

H 1066, The Battle of HASTINGS

I Ipad App Review

J 5 Strong Women in JESUS’ Genealogy (Happy Easter)

K 4 Ancestry Resources for KIDS

L 7 Free Ancestry Research LINKS

M The 1643 Massacre of Richard MAXSON

N 3 Tips for Researching NYS Historic Newspapers

O Virtual Tour of Ogdensburg, New York

P Learning about Your PILGRIM Ancestors

Q 7 Questions about Researching Ancestry

R 5 Tips to RESEARCH and Discover What Your Family Name Means

S A Virtual Tour of SCROOBY in Honor of the 400th Anniversary of The Mayflower

T 5 TV Shows about Genealogy on Amazon Prime Video

U UNION or Confederate?

V My Agonizing VAN VALKENBURG Search

W From WATERBURY to WATERTOWN in search of the WELTON Family

X What is the X in DNA?

Y 6 Tips for How I Came to Research the YOUNG Family in the Newspapers

Z Zee End: 5 Books and Movies About Finding Family

Will you be following along on my adventure through the A to Zs of Ancestry? Let me know in the comments below and let me know how I can follow you too!

The Joyous Living: 2020 #atozchallenge theme reveal - family history

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