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When I was in university I struck a random friendship with my ex boyfriend’s ex girlfriend who happened to be a musical fan and had even seen James Barbour in Beauty and the Beast (Sigh! I Wish!). Long story short she introduced me to my first European musical – Notre Dame de Paris – and thus began my passion for French and German musicals.
Notre Dame de Paris follows the story of The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo. It is no Disney movie with singing gargoyles but rather a darker and more mature production. But the music is majestic. My favourite female character – Fleur de Lys. I even created an email address inspired by the song “La Monture”.
And some of you might be interested to know that Josh Groban sang one of the show’s songs, “le temps des cathédrales” on his album STAGES.

And lastly Celine Dion sang “Live For The One I Love” in the English studio cast recording.

Enjoy! xo

Update… It is eerie to think that I wrote this post in advance of publication w/o the slightest hint of the sad events that led to Notre Dame de Paris being partially destroyed by fire.