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A couple weeks ago, I received an invite from Saatchi Gallery to attend an evening event showcasing Pure Evil: The Nightmare Series so I grabbed Amanda and Yana (two girls from my course at Uni) and a date was made. The day arrived and after a very “interesting” afternoon in our very first class held online, we were ready to grab a few drinks and enjoy some art and girl time.
Charles Uzzell-Edwards (“Pure Evil”) signing for his fans
Past the velvet ropes, we dropped off our coats at the complimentary coat check, were given free glasses of champagne, and had a truly impressive hour admiring Charles Uzzell-Edward‘s latest series that in his own words was the “making [of] a kind of ‘copy village’ celebrating the dark side of celebrity worship” and watching him and his team do live screen printing and signings. The crowd was enraptured and appeared to all be enjoying themselves.
Yana looking gorgeous in front of the “Marlene Dali Canvas”
Amanda snapping a shot of Charles Uzzell-Edwards (“Pure Evil”)
Amanda and I with our signed placards.
With my favourite of the night. Dress (Ryu by Stella) & purse (Steve Madden).
trois filles en face de trois art

After a good time at the Saatchi Gallery, Yana suggested we grab a drink nearby so we headed over to The Phoenix which was just as darling as Amanda promised. We did have a merry time being shuffled between 4 tables but the lovely ambiance, cheerful waiter (manager?) and delicious food and drinks made it worthwhile.

Hot, crispy and delicious chips! (£3) — delicious!
Apple & Plum Crumble with Custard (£6) — heavenly!

All in all it was a delightful evening with friends enjoying new experiences, art, champagne and pudding — yum! yum! fun! fun! I am very blessed by my new friends on my course.

And check out the gorgeous purple accents and tinted windows at The Phoenix?