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ARC Restaurants Food and Libations is a fun option for gathering with family and friends over good food and alcohol in Costa Mesa, California.

arc restaurants food and libations menu

If you are visiting Costa Mesa, California, might I recommend a visit to ARC Restaurants Food and Libations as a great place to gather with friends and/or family? The food is meant to be shared and when Travel Costa Mesa invited me to sample the food I was impressed by the portion sizes and quality of food.

Read on to learn more about the food options at ARC Food and Libations!

The Menu at ARC Restaurants Food and Libations

ARC Restaurants Food and Libations Tart Flambee Pizza
Tart Flambee Pizza (c) The Joyous Living

The dishes are meant to be shared, even the entrees such as the ARC Burger and filet mignon, and don’t let that fool you into thinking you need a dozen dishes to share.

Travel Costa Mesa had given me a $100 gift card and for that + $1 + gratuity, my date and I had a pitcher of water (regularly refilled by our helpful waitress), one glass of wine, a half portion of the wedge salad, charred Brussels, a tart flambee (flatbread) pizza, and an ARC burger.

Personally, we thought a half portion of the wedge salad and a pizza would have been plenty for us to share.

If You Like Spicy Foods You’ll Love ARC Restaurants Food and Libations in Costa Mesa

Arc Restaurants Food and Libations Serves a Spicy burger
Arc Burger (c) The Joyous Living

Do you like spicy food? I don’t. Well, not unless it comes in the form of spicy tuna rolls. So allow me to warn you or encourage you (depending on your preferences) that the chefs at ARC Restaurants Food and Libations are prone to adding liberal amounts of spice to their food.

In my experience, the charred Brussels and ARC Burger were both too spicy to enjoy any more than a couple of bites of each. And if you know my love for burgers and Brussel Sprouts, you’ll know how disappointing that was. Even my date found the burger to be too spicy.

If you go to ARC Restaurants Food and Libations and have a sensitivity to spice, be sure to ask your waiter or waitress about which dishes to steer clear of.

The Best Wedge Salad!

Arc Restaurants Food and Libations Wedge Salad
1/2 portion of Wedge Salad at ARC Food and Libations (c) The Joyous Living

Let me preface this by saying that I do not like bleu cheese and tend to steer clear of wedge salads. However, when my date ordered a half wedge salad, we assumed the portion would be small and manageable for one. It ended up being served in this HUGE dish! I cannot even imagine how big the full-sized portion of the wedge salad is.

According to the menu, the wedge salad has grilled bacon and Roquefort bleu. But this is no usual bacon serving. This is some of the most delicious and succulent pork belly I’ve ever eaten. I could have just munched on the bacon by itself it was so good.

If you’re a fan of wedge salads, bacon, and/or bleu cheese — you will definitely want to try the wedge salad at ARC Restaurants Food and Libations. In fact, you will likely be able to fill your tummies on this salad alone if you were to share a full-sized portion.

A Disappointing Bathroom

arc restaurants dirty bathroom

If you’re like me, one of the biggest decision makers in whether you’ll come back to a restaurant or not is the cleanliness of the bathroom. It speaks loudly about the type of establishment you’re visiting. Upon my inspection of the bathroom at ARC Restaurants Food and Libations, I was sorely disappointed to find paper towels on the floor, a lackluster sink and vanity, and what looked like a very dirty floor surrounding the toilet.

The only good thing I can say about the bathroom is that there is a small cabinet to rest your purse on.

Sadly the bathroom at ARC Food and Libations was a letdown and only to be used if you absolutely can’t hold it.

How to Find ARC Restaurants Food and Libations

arc restaurants food and libations patio

Location: 3321 Hyland Avenue Suite F, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 [free parking]

Hours: Wednesday – Sunday, 5 p.m. – 10 p.m.

Reservations: Call (949) 500-5561 OR visit


Disclaimer. While Travel Costa Mesa provided $100 towards my meal, all opinions are my own.

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