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Ugh. As much as I love the delicious Mahi Mahi at Aloha Steakhouse in Ventura, California, I seriously DETEST the seating options! Ugh. What a confusing place it is indeed.

So here’s my review of the accessibility and food at Aloha Steakhouse:

The SEATING at Aloha Steakhouse.

Aloha Steakhouse tends to use circular tables/booths. There are a few rectangular tables on the patio but they are pretty sparse and I’ve only been given a rectangular table when part of a large party. We were a party of 5 adults (one with a cane, yours truly, and another with a broken foot in a boot), and trying to get around this table is almost laughable. We did ask our waitress if there were any other table options and she said “NO”. I did see a table had just been cleared (cough, cough) but maybe it was going to be used to create a larger table? I don’t know.

So imagine, if you will, being unable to sit with your legs at a 90-degree angle or you’ll be in TERRIBLE pain (!!) and incredibly uncomfortable all night. I must have tried repositioning my body a dozen different ways but nothing worked and half the time because of the tight quarters I was hitting someone else’s foot or leg. Oops. I ended up falling later in the evening due to the terrible pain from sitting in such a cramped table with no options for my legs and accidentally tearing my mum’s shirt when grabbing for support. Ugh. This is not a logical place to bring a party of 5 adults. Maybe a party of 4 could manage at that table but even then… My dad mentioned this might be our last time at Aloha due to the seating. We’ve had this experience 2-3 times I think. Ugh.

THE FOOD at Aloha Steakhouse.

I ordered the Macadamian Crusted Mahi-Mahi and chose a starter of clam chowder and a side of rice to soak up the sauce. The clam chowder was DELICIOUS! I still think the best I’ve ever had in Southern California was at Paradise Cove (Malibu) but this definitely hit the spot. (See my 2015 rave review.)

I have always compared any Mahi Mahi dish to my memory of how amazing Aloha Steakhouse is (see 2015’s rave review). I think I’ve probably had it every time we’ve been to Aloha over the years. This weekend’s entree however seemed to lack something. Or maybe it had too much of something in fact because my main complaint was the sauce. I thought it was too rich. Even with the rice, I couldn’t tone down the richness. Hmm. The fish however was perfectly cooked and so tender it almost fell off the fork.

“Mini Kona Pie”

Since we were celebrating Mother’s Day, I decided to get a “Mini Kona Pie” that was the biggest disappointment (food-wise) of the night. Ugh. Perhaps I am used to the INCREDIBLE Kona Pie at Islands Restaurant but this was a huge letdown. It was essentially a slab of ice cream with chocolate sauce, whip cream on the side, and nuts on top. Could have just called it a minimalist version of an ice cream sundae. Of course, AFTER I got my “Mini Kona Pie” did I remember my displeasure last time.

Mental note: DO NOT ORDER the “Mini Kona Pie”. Get a “Kona Pie” at Islands Restaurant instead or a Mud Pie at 31 Flavors. Much better options.

Like any other beachfront property, the best thing going for Aloha Steakhouse is the view. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be going back any time soon. A side note – our waitress was a lovely lady but she was being pulled so many ways that we barely saw her and there was a very long wait at several points through the night.

See my 2015 raving review in comparison when I was not needing to bring a walking device.

Accessible Verdict of Aloha Steakhouse

It is NOT accessible friendly. Can’t even imagine coming in my wheelchair or bringing my walker.

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