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Adam Trent is coming to Thousand Oaks for a one night performance on 1 April 2019!


Adam Trent shatters stereotypes and brings a new generation of magic to fans fusing technology illusions, dancing and comedy with classic techniques. Adam looks to change people’s perception of magicians with his refreshing approach to magic; entertainment first and tricks second. He doesn’t want people to remember “tricks” as much as the laughs and memories made with the performance.

He has mesmerized live audiences around the globe, in person and as a featured guest on America’s Got Talent, The Today Show, Ellen, the Travel Channel and Disney Channel among countless other TV appearances. The 32-year-old also stars in his own 10 episode TV series ‘The Road Trick’ on Red Bull TV.

Adam doesn’t remember a time in his life when he wasn’t performing, starting with birthday party shows at age 9 and bigger events when he was 13. At age 14, he started street performances which he says “was the most amazing and brutal training a performer could ever have.”

Through this experience, he discovered an audience’s true attention span and when he was 18, went to a Los Angeles college for a degree in finance and entertainment marketing. “Apart from learning that a tiger would be tax-deductible, I got a crash course in LA’s music and comedy scene. I realized that the most important element in a show is the performer’s connection to the audience, and without that even amazing skill can fall as flat as a bad boy band.”

The Joyous Living: How would you describe yourself? I’ve heard “Futurist”, “Illustionist”, “Magician” and more.

Adam: I’m a Magician. I try to make people leave my show feeling differently than they expect to feel by going to a magic show. My show is a combination of music, magic, comedy, audience participation. It’s fun for the whole family (ages 3-103 will enjoy it!) but it is not a show for kids  (meaning it’s not a cheesy, corny magic show) but kids are welcome to come.

The Joyous Living: What is your goal when performing?

Adam: I want people to be laughing harder than they ever thought possible at a magic show and I want them to feel different as they leave. I add a lot of personal stories to the performance and use lots of technology so people see things they have never seen before at a magic show. There is so much magic on t.v. these days but I believe magic is best seen live so I want to show people things they have never seen before.

The Joyous Living: How does your television show on NETFLIX compare to your live show?

Adam: Very different. My show on Netflix is me going around Europe doing close-up magic whereas the stage show is more theatrical and more presentation with things designed for the stage. The stage show is all different stuff.

The Joyous Living: Can you tell us a little bit about your t.v. show and will we be seeing a second season (perhaps through the United States)?

Adam: It’s me doing street magic as I travel through Europe. I perform magic for strangers with the goal of seeing what they will offer me in exchange for me making their day with magic. If I make their day with magic, will they perhaps show me a cool part of their country or a hidden local treat that the tourists never will hear about? No second season in the works at the moment.

The Joyous Living: Do you ever give yourself goosies when performing?

Adam: I always get excited for big shows. I am excited about Thousand Oaks because it is here in Los Angeles where I live so I am excited because there will be a lot of friends and family coming out. I get excited for big shows and brand new things I have never done before on stage. That is always nerve-wrecking and very exciting. I try to add about 20 minutes to the show per year. In fact, there is some new stuff I’ll be doing in Thousand Oaks.

The Joyous Living: I love the video when you did the iPhone trick on THE ELLEN SHOW. Twitch’s reaction was priceless. #Disbelief. Do you incorporate a lot of audience participation on tour? How do you gauge how someone will react and go about picking your participants?

Adam: It really depends on the trick. Sometimes I’ll be looking for a lady, other times for a gentleman or a kid. It all depends but I try to make a judgment call in the moment how I think they will respond. I’ve had people come to the show 5-6 times over the years and the reason is because they say it feels different each and every time and the reason for that is the volunteers. The volunteers make the show different every single time. If you take a 100 people’s iPhones and put them in a blender you’ll get a 100 different reactions to it so yeah I’ve had every kind of reaction possible and that’s what makes it fun. I’ve gotten good over the years thinking on my feet and making fun situations on stage even more fun.

The Joyous Living: With TV reality shows making stars out of magicians such as SHIN LIM, do you think audiences are becoming immune to magic or are their expectations higher meaning you need to create grander and greater acts?

Adam: I wouldn’t say immune to magic but rather more educated. They now know that there are different types of magic – close-up magic, danger magic, stage magic, and all these different genres. People are getting more educated to that fact. I think magic is very popular right now and when they see a good magician it makes them want to see another good magician so it fuels itself.

The Joyous Living: I understand you find inspiration from Michael Jackson for your dancing. Anyone else you find inspiration from – such as comedians?

Adam: I don’t do as much dancing in the show now but yes absolutely I always watched his concerts growing up. I love drawing inspiration from concerts and comedy and whatnot. I love Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle. I love to laugh so I try to make the audience laugh too.

A big thank you to Adam Trent for his time to do this fun interview! I’m sure like me you can’t wait to catch his show in Thousand Oaks on 1 April 2019 especially knowing there’ll be some fun new elements added for the first time. But don’t wait too long to get your tickets because they are going faster than you can say MAGIC! I believe all the orchestra level seats are practically gone in fact!