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This afternoon I had to go to Rolling Oaks Radiology in Thousand Oaks for a couple X-Rays. I typically get my radiology workup at MDI Radiology and Thousand Oaks Radiology but Rolling Oaks is connected to my doctor’s office so guess where I had to go? Yep, you got it. I headed to 415 Rolling Oaks Drive, Thousand Oaks, CA 91361 (next door to the Thousand Oaks Surgical Hospital). After getting totally turned around I found my way to the back of the Surgical Hospital where you could see a big #415 on the building. Unfortunately my problems didn’t stop there. And here’s the reason for my review.

Rolling Oaks Radiology Thousand Oaks. (c) Google Maps.

There are THREE handicapped parking spots behind 415 and 12 more general parking spots in the first lot. Unfortunately it was completely full so I had to keep searching until I managed to find a spot in the second row of parking. You’d think this would be easy but heck no! You are walking up an incline to get back to the main row where an accessible ramp will take you up to the building entrance. It makes no sense when you are next to a hospital and receiving patients for radiology who might not be able to make the long hike up the hill (aka parking lot). I nearly felt my knees give out midway through the parking lot from exertion. By the time I found the X Ray office, I had to let my frustrations out at the kind receptionist (no I wasn’t accusing her of my problems but I definitely made it known that the parking lot needs to be fixed). I didn’t even know how I was going to make it down the parking lot on my own. She was very kind to talk with her supervisor who offered to take me back to my car after my appointment using the office wheelchair. After my X Rays, the receptionist called her supervisor who escorted me back to my car with the wheelchair for which I thanked him and I also mentioned to him my issues with the parking lot and lack of accessibility (even emphasizing the lack of a ramp or elevator up to the building from the lower levels where your only choice is a staircase). He was kind but made no mention about making a suggestion to the property management so that was disappointing.

Friends in Thousand Oaks, if you are accessibly challenged and looking for a place to get your XRays done in the area I would recommend not visiting Rolling Oaks Radiology. You’ll have better luck at MDI Radiology (level parking lot with a helpful ramp) and Thousand Oaks Radiology near the hospital with another level parking lot. The supervisor at Rolling Oaks might be able to help you down to your car but how do you plan on getting up to the office?

Rolling Oaks Radiology parking lot fails. Accessibility Review.
What do you look for when judging a parking lot’s accessibility?