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Hi guys! I’m so excited to share about my wonderful experience at THE PRICE IS RIGHT last Wednesday with one of my best friends and her awesome mom.

I had been watching Drew Carey and THE PRICE IS RIGHT on CBS ever since I came home from London in December 2014. It is my happy show to watch in the morning as I’m icing my back and eating my breakfast. I’ve even taken to watching the show whenever I’m at hospital to bring some familiarity to the hospital room.

Accessible Experience at The Price is Right

Now that I’m walking a bit better and using the cane to get around, I decided now was the time to try out THE PRICE IS RIGHT thanks to On Camera Audiences. I asked one of my best friends, A, and her mom, M, if they’d like to go out with me and we figured out a date, got our priority tickets (all the forums and blogs say that is the ONLY way to go!) and I ordered three custom made shirts from Gypsea Thredz as a tribute to my fur baby and Speedy from The Drew Carey Show.

The Joyous Living: The Price is Right is welcoming to all accessibilities

Accessible Parking at The Price is Right (plan in advance)

A week before the show, I called the number listed on the ticket (1-818-295-2700) and a very friendly and helpful lady by the name of CHRISTINA set us up for disabled parking on the studio lot (less walking! easier access!) and if there is a queue outside the gate she said we would be able to skip it and find a seat on one of the benches right away. Having experienced the long queue (and wait) at LAST MAN STANDING last summer, I was grateful to know I wouldn’t have to stand too long in one place.

The Joyous Living: The Price is Right Tickets

The day of, we grabbed a bite to eat at The Farmers Market and headed over to CBS Studios where we showed our IDs at the security gate and were directed to our reserved parking spot steps away from The Price is Right studio. How amazing is that?

The Joyous Living: The Price is Right Offers Accessible Parking

Accessible Queue at The Price is Right

The Joyous Living: The Price is Right Registration is Accessible

When we walked up, we were immediately pointed to the registration desk and given our registration packets and asked if we could manage the flight of stairs or needed to use the elevator. I asked for the elevator and we were pointed to a nearby row of metal benches. What a huge blessing this turned out to be!

While the majority of the audience had to move from area to area, my friends and I were primarily on the bench and only had to move three times – once to get our photos taken, another time to move to another row of benches behind us when we were interviewed by Stan the producer and finally to get upstairs via the elevator and into the studio!

In our group of accessible fans (approximately 20 of us) there were two wheelchair users, several others with canes, and a lady with a knee brace.

We had a long wait as was expected from other posts but those metal benches are definitely hard on the bottom so thankfully there’s space to stretch your legs.

Another blessing though is that the benches have backs! That is so important and helpful when you’re needing some back support for the 3 hours you’re waiting in the queue.

And get this – when we got upstairs we were having to wait in the hallway for about 10 minutes so instead of making us stand they offered us folding chairs! Seriously? How awesome is that?!?! Above and beyond the call of duty.

So what helped me get through the day?

I LOVED using my new pink compression gloves helped me fill out the forms, kept the pain at bay (thankfully!) that day, and when I was at the taping, the gloves most definitely helped me keep clapping with the rest of the audience despite the pain and numbness.

The Joyous Living: The Price is Right is Accessible Friendly

I definitely don’t know how I could have gotten through the day without my gloves.

Taping of The Price is Right, Accessible Experience

A shout out to the beautiful Anna who is the page supervisor at The Price is Right. She and all the pages were so fabulous and didn’t treat us accessible fans as invisible. They came by to take our photos and scanned our IDs so we did not have to walk up to the counter and made conversation with us throughout the wait.

My only disappointment was that NO ONE from the accessible queue was picked as a contestant. I’ve heard the rumor that they don’t think of disabled fans as fun to watch on TV however in my mind we are a good percentage of the nation’s population so why not have us on stage? We’re just as excited as everyone else.

I did learn that IF you are picked as a contestant, a page will offer to walk you up the stairs (no rails) to the stage where Drew Carey is waiting for you. Alternatively, they can bring you your cane so you can use it to walk up the stairs yourself.

The Joyous Living: The Price is Right is Great for Friends

Are you planning on going to see Drew Carey, George Gray and the cast of The Price is Right? It’s a fun outing with friends and/or family and for free!

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