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Accessibility at Disney World is a necessity for those like myself who struggle with stamina, strength, and need help with maneuvering around the theme parks.

When going to any theme park with a physical disability, you need to be confident you can get around the parks safely and without much difficulty. As someone with multiple disabilities who primarily uses a cane around the neighborhood and on errands, I haven’t had to use my personal collator or wheelchair in months.

However, due to the numerous miles, I will be traveling in each park I knew I needed to think of other options that help with accessibility at Disney World. That was when I heard about Buena Vista Scooter Rentals and immediately arranged to get one of their deluxe scooters.

But that alone won’t suffice when considering the walking distance at MCO (Orlando’s International Airport) and the potential for over an hour of waiting in the queue for Disney’s Magical Express to your resort [DME will come to an end in January 2022].

Must-Have Mobility Devices for a Disney Vacation

I have put together a list of 3 must-have mobility devices that will help provide for accessibility at Disney World.

#1. A Folding Cane

I love my folding cane from Vive. When you are able to walk better around the area, you don’t necessarily need your cane 24/7 but when you need one you definitely are going to be in trouble. Thanks to your Vive folding cane, you do not have to worry about being caught unprepared and in trouble of not being able to get back to your car or hotel room.

I personally have used my Vive folding cane at Disneyland California Adventure and Knott’s Scary Farm. You can easily put your cane in your park backpack for convenient access when necessary.

The cane is also very helpful so you are not dependent on the ECV rental 24/7 at Disney World. According to fellow Disney bloggers and fans who use message boards, you can park your ECV rental in approved areas in the theme parks so you can stretch your legs and walk around a wee bit.

With the folding cane, you can safely walk around not worrying about how you will get back to your ECV.

#2. A Four-Wheel Walker Rollator

Walkers and Rollators are allowed at Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

I was originally not planning on bringing my rollator to Disney World because I am renting an ECV from Buena Vista Scooter Rentals. However, the more I heard about the long waits visitors had to experience when waiting for Disney’s Magical Express at MCO Orlando International Airport.

A rollator will be essential for someone who cannot stand still for prolonged times. Since I am not able to stand still for upwards of an hour in a queue waiting for the Magical Express bus, I will definitely be needing my rollator.

If your legs are strong enough to handle the walking around the theme parks, this will be very helpful for getting around the parks. I had no trouble using my rollator for a couple of half-day trips to Disneyland California Adventure using my (legacy) annual pass. When waiting in queues for the rides, I could sit on the seat of my rollator. It even came in handy when I wanted to sit down and watch some street performers.

I personally have used my Four-Wheel Walker Rollator at Disneyland California Adventure.

Update: If you are having a wheelchair attendant meet you at the gate at MCO Airport, you will likely not need a rollator while waiting for your bus as they will often escort passengers to the bus directly. The attendant who wheeled me from the gate to the bus mentioned he had to wait 3 hours with clients a couple of weeks earlier.

#3. An ECV Rental

If you Googled “Disney World ECV Rentals” you will see there are tons of companies out there trying to rent you their products. After doing a lot of research I ended up choosing to work with Buena Vista Scooters.

Buena Vista Scooters deliver scooters as well as wheelchairs and strollers to all Disney area resorts and hotels. You will have to be on property to pick up and deliver your rentals at scheduled times.

If their times are not convenient for you, Scooter Bug provides Disney-approved scooter rentals that can be dropped off and picked up from bell services.

Deluxe Scooter Buena Vista Rentals
(c) Buena Vista Scooter Rentals

I’m looking forward to using my Deluxe ECV Scooter for accessibility at Disney World. According to their website, it comes with the following perks:

  • A high-back seat, for added comfort, (Normally Rents Daily for $10)
  • One built-in cup holder,
  • A convenient area for cellphone storage,
  • A second, removable, cup holder — for his and hers, (Normally Rents Daily for $5)
  • A “tiller” cover, helping protect electric components from rain,
  • An overhead canopy, providing shade from the hot Florida sun, (Normally Rents Daily for $8)
  • A covered “Rear Bag”, designed to store and shield belongings from inclement weather, (Normally Rents Daily for $8/day)
  • A case of Nestle or Dasani water (35ct. 16oz. bottles) ($12.99 value)
  • Our monthly promotional item ($20 value)
  • A built-in USB port, to ensure phones and tablets are charged and ready to capture every moment, PRICELESS

At $49/day (as of August 2021), you will experience daily savings of $31 in rentals and $27.99 in FREE giveaways!

They also have super cute Galactic Scooters that caught my eye and will be a huge hit for those who love Star Wars and want to spend a lot of time at Galaxy Edge in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Galactic Scooters Buena Vista Rentals
(c) Buena Vista Scooter Rentals

Hope these tips for accessibility at Disney World have been helpful and useful for you! Can’t wait to hear how your accessible vacation goes.

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