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Welcome and Thanks for Visiting My Blog

Hi There! I’m Joy and I’m thrilled you’ve decided to visit The Joyous Living today and I hope it will not be the last time we see you.

My Mission

The Joyous Living wishes to serve as an entertainment guide for Southern California residents. We cover everything from books to Disney to food to movies to theatre and more!

Fun Facts

  • I started my blog in May 2013.
  • I spent a year studying for my MA in Museums, Studies and Contemporary Culture.
  • I did the Walt Disney World College Program in Fall 2007.
  • I LOVE live theatre. My all time favorite has to be seeing Laurence Fox in Strangers on the Train.
  • My BA was in English from Biola University. I especially love 19th century British Literature.
  • I am a fur mama to Captain Hastings Alyosha. Three points if you can tell me what two characters he was named after.
  • I am disabled – dealing with Fibromyalgia, Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis and Cervical Stenosis.

Thanks for Stopping By!

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