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Good morning and a happy first day of April! That means it’s the first day of the A TO Z CHALLENGE. If you recall, I am hoping to use this year’s challenge to share some of my favorite musicals and plays with y’all. So hopefully you’ll stick around for the ride and enjoy! And if you have any suggestions for musicals and plays I need to see/listen to, please share them in the comments below.

For A we’ll start off with one of my all-time favorite musicals by Andrew Lloyd WebberAspects of Love. The character of Jenny was in fact a dream role when I was a teenager but alas… And I definitely had a crush on Michael Ball (Alex). But most of all, I loved the hauntingly beautiful and melodious music. Is it angsty music? Yes. Is the story an over the top soap opera? Yes. Is it some of the most beautiful music Andrew Lloyd Webber has written? YES. I can still play the CDs on repeat all day without tiring of the music one bit. This is Andrew Lloyd Webber at his finest. Perhaps that’s why I posted about Aspects of Love as part of my 2017 A to Z Challenge.

Synopsis of Aspects of Love

The musical is based on the novella by David Garnett of the same name and is a soap opera of sorts revolving around the romantic entanglements of Alex Dillingham, his uncle George Dillingham, his lover Rose Vibert, George’s on/off lover Giulietta Trapani and a young Jenny Dillingham (daughter of George and Rose).

Unfortunately, Aspects of Love is rarely performed (I still don’t know how it bombed so terribly on Broadway – the music is so lush and the original cast was splendid) so you often will have to settle for a cast recording or (cough cough) bootlegged copy on YouTube to enjoy the beautiful music.

Aspects of Love Songs (7 Favorites)

If I can’t say ALL, I’d say —

  • “Seeing is Believing”
  • “A Memory of a Happy Moment”
  • “Chanson d’Enfance”
  • “She’d Be Far Better Off with You”
  • “Mermaid Song”
  • “The First Man You Remember”
  • “Jenny, This is Just as Hard for Me”

Honestly, I love the entire soundtrack so choosing favorites is not easy.

Sir Roger Moore

The late Sir Roger Moore (James Bond) was originally cast as George but reportedly doubted his talent and withdrew two weeks before opening night.

It is a sad loss for all of us because there is no official recording of his performance but I did find this beautiful recording on YouTube of him singing “Other Pleasures”. Man, I would have loved to have seen him as George and/or heard him on an official recording. What a handsome and sexy George he would have made…

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