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Good afternoon! I cannot believe it is already May and yet here we are on the 4th of May! I am home under a blanket with a cold — shall we blame it on the busy month of April and my first ever A to Z Challenge? Why not? :)

This was my first A to Z Challenge and quite frankly the first time I had even heard of the A to Z Challenge by chance on Twitter right before the first #AZChat where I met some lovely ladies, including A to Z Co-Host, Heather, and was excited by the enthusiasm and energy held by everyone so I jumped on board and debated on what my topic should be. Because of the April month, I chose two of the month’s ‘appreciation’ topics: Child Abuse Prevention Month and Sexual Assault Awareness Month. I had no idea what I would be writing on from A to Z but somehow everything came about quite well.

One day will probably be the most memorable for me — 5 April 2016. Crazy enough, on Day #4 (D) landed on the 5th of April, the anniversary of my date rape and I took the opportunity to finally tell my story, something I had not done before except in few and scarce moments. I cannot even begin to tell you the wonderful freedom experienced in sharing my voice.

And I was staggered by my regular readers, including Michelle, who shared encouragement and support. The support continued throughout the month and I have been so grateful and it was these comments that most inspired me to continue to give a voice to survivors and victims of abuse/assault.

One tip I learned from the #AZChat was to write and schedule posts in advance, something that I did during the last week of the Challenge. Makes it easier during busy time periods. Also, I loved how AJ Lauer used a guest writer to cover a busy time period during the month.

I cannot wait for the next A to Z Challenge and hope to stay in touch with all these lovelies as they continue to blog about their passions. If you are interested in joining the A to Z Challenge in 2017, I highly recommend visiting the official site: and following their Twitter page.

Comment Challenge: For those of you who followed my A to Z Challenge – did you have a favorite post? Any suggestions for next year?