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The A to Z Challenge is winding down and for today’s “W” post, I wish to share with you about my search for the Welton Family from Waterbury to Watertown, Connecticut.

The Welton Family of Waterbury and Watertown

A search on Google for John Welton Sr. (and his ancestors) will point a researcher in the direction of “The Town and City of Waterbury”.

My ancestors on the Welton family came from Wales to the Colony of Connecticut where John Welton Sr. became a landowner and later constable of the town.

It was in Waterbury and Watertown where George Welton (my 7th great-grandfather) married Elizabeth MALLORY and where Daniel Welton (my 6th great-grandfather) met and married Ann BREWSTER (3rd great-granddaughter of William Brewster). Both the Mallorys and Brewsters had strong ties to Connecticut and the early Mayflower voyagers hence making them unofficial “Connecticut Royalty”.

My 5th great-grandmother, Tabitha Welton, moved away from the area with her husband, Isaac Dayton, to New York. However, there are still Weltons living in the Waterbury area of Connecticut to this day.

Trivia of Waterbury

When the settlement now known as Waterbury was admitted as the 28th town in the Connecticut Colony in 1686, the name was changed to Waterbury in reference to the numerous streams that emptied into the Naugatuck River from the hills on either side of the valley.

IN 1686, Waterbury included the present-day towns of Watertown, Plymouth, Wolcott, Prospect, Naugatuck, Thomaston, and Middlebury.

The Waterbury Clock Company produced the Mickey Mouse watch in 1933 under the Ingersoll brand. The watch was so popular that over 11,000 were sold the first day, and it saved the company from bankruptcy.

Built-in 1905, the Elton Hotel on the Waterbury Green was considered one of New England’s most elegant hotels until the 1960s.

Standing in front of City Hall, a Christopher Columbus statue was completed by sculptor Frank Gaylord in 1984.

In the 1949 Arthur Miller play, Death of a Salesman, the main character mentions Waterbury as one of his recent stops on a business trip.

Trivia of Watertown

The land of modern-day Watertown originally belonged to Mattatock.

Mattalock officially changed its name to Watterbury (now Waterbury) on March 20, 1695.

Watertown was incorporated as a town in 1780.

My Connection to the Welton Family

John Welton Sr. (one of the first landowners in Waterbury, Mr. Welton was named constable in 1708.)

George Welton (married Elizabeth MALLORY)

Daniel Welton (married Ann BREWSTER)

Tabitha Welton (married Isaac DAYTON)

Philomela Dayton (married Benjamin Crandall MAXSON)

James Maxson

Ella Jane Maxson

Hildred Julia Young

Rosemary June Connors

My Mother


Resources About Waterbury and Watertown and the Welton Family

The History of Waterbury, Connecticut – Henry Bronson

A Brief History of Waterbury – Edith Reynolds, John Murray

Images of America: Watertown – Florence T. Crowell

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