A to Z Challenge: 3 Tips for Researching NYS Historic Newspapers

The Joyous Living: 3 Tips for Researching NYS Historic Newspapers #atozchallenge

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When researching your family’s history, one of the best resources at your fingertips are old newspapers. There are paid sites such as genealogy bank and newspapers.com. However, one of my favorite resources happens to also be FREE and very helpful for anyone with ancestors from New York.

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NYS Historic Newspapers

how to research NYS Historic Newspapers for FREE #nyshistoricnewspapers #genealogy #ancestry #free #thejoyousliving

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  1. What a great, free resource for researching your ancestors. I haven’t had too much luck with some of the genealogy sites for my family’s history but I need to check if my state even has a resource like this.

  2. What a wonderful resource! I can’t wait to dig in to old newspapers. I recently canceled my Wall Street Journal subscription because it’s just too expensive. I really appreciate newspapers, especially old ones. It helps to keep us grounded.

  3. You always leave us with the goal of doing research. I always learn new things from your blog. Great job on your A-Z challenge. 🙂

  4. My husband’s nephew really wants to dig deep into his ancestry. I will share this information with him. I hope I hear something exciting from him soon.

  5. I have a lot of friends and family who live in NYC and would love this article! Especially since we are in quarantine, all of us have time to do this type of research and learn more about our family.

  6. I always wanted to track down ancestors. This is really helpful for researching ancestors. I learnt some new things about research as well.

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