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When researching your family’s lineage, you are probably at one point or another going to ask yourself “am I descended from royalty?” or “do i have royal blood?” and the most likely answer is – YES. Talk about a twisted feeling. In part you get to joke with your significant other that you’re royal while on the other hand your significant other can probably respond just as truthfully – well, so am i! And then where does that leave us?

Yale statistician Joseph Chang argued that if you go back far enough – say, 32 generations, or 900 years – you’d find that everyone alive today shares a common ancestor. In Europe, that would be King Charlemagne.

So do we throw down the towel and stop paying to research our ancestry? No. Well you can but I won’t. What I love about knowing of a popular direct ancestor (such as William Brewster) is that now you can find out who else you are related to and how! You can put the pieces together more and more.

So for those who are descendants of Captain Michael Dayton (of Connecticut, USA), now is your chance to learn just one of many direct paths to your many times great grandfather, Charlemagne.

via King Henry I (of England)

Michael Dayton

Elizabeth Todd

Elizabeth Brown

Eleazer Brown (husband of Sarah Bulkeley)

Francis Brown

Francis Brown

Thomas Brown

Simon Browne

Sir George Browne

Lady Eleanor FitzAlan

John FitzAlan

John FitzAlan

Eleanor Plantagent

Henry Plantagenet (husband of Maude de Chaworth)

Prince Edmund

King Henry III

King John

King Henry II


King Henry I (of England)

Matilda of Flanders (wife of William the Conqueror)

Baldwin V of Flanders

Baldwin IV of Flanders

Arnulf II of Flanders

Baldwin III of Flanders

Adela of Vermandois

Herbert of Vermandois II

Herbert of Vermandois I

Pepin of Vermandois II

King Bernard of Italy

King Pepin of Italy


Try to follow the math

Can you trace your family back to Charlemagne? #atozchallenge #ancestry #genealogy #charlemagne

Charlemagne is my:

37th great-grandfather via King Henry I of England

And that is just through one direct ancestor (Captain Michael Dayton).

Famous American Descendants of Charlemagne

charlemagne is the common ancestor of the modern world

If I haven’t confused you enough, here are just a few of Charlemagne’s many great-grandchildren:

Aaron Burr (31st great grandson via Lothair I)

Alexander Hamilton (32nd great grandson via Pepin)

Jack London author of Call of the Wild (33rd great grandson via Pepin)

Marilyn Monroe (34th great granddaughter via Pepin)

Walt Disney (35th great grandson via Charles II of France)

Lucille Ball (36th great granddaughter via Lothair I)

Lee Harvey Oswald (36th great grandson via Pepin)

Jane Fonda (37th great granddaughter via Lothair I)

Meghan Markle (38th great granddaughter via Charles II of France)

President Obama (39th great grandson via Charles II of France)

We Are All Connected

Pocahontas is credited with saying we are all connected to each other

I personally love seeing how we are all connecting. Don’t you?


Were Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr related?

How sobering is it to think that Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton were cousins (many times removed)?