A to Z Challenge: 4 Ancestry Resources for Kids

The Joyous Living: 4 Ancestry Resources for Kids #atozchallenge

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I hope everyone had a great Easter and Passover.

For today’s post – I am focusing on KIDS and how they can dive into their family tree and learn about how the family is connected. I have 4 resources to share with you – 2 of which are FREE! – that will be great for your kids who are budding family historians.

Family Tree Template

It is easy to create a family tree on Canva (free website). Or if you’d like an easy FREE printable, download this generic family tree starter template that the kids can use to fill in themselves and their cousins.

Click to Download (c) The Joyous Living

Family Tree Decal

How about a family tree decal for your living room wall or nursery room wall? This beautiful one includes quotes and spaces for 5″x7″ photographs!

Play Detective!

While stuck at home during the Covid-19 Lockdown, now is a perfect time to send the kids on a scavenger hunt throughout the house and attic for family treasures.

The Joyous Living Family History Scavenger Hunt
Click to Download (c) The Joyous Living

Interview Grandma

One of my family’s best resources is a book my great-grandmother wrote and passed down to her grandchildren. She included family names, dates and family stories. And now you too can have your child interview grandma! Courtney Littler has created this adorable spiral-bound book for the kids to interview Grandma. It’s so cute, I wish I had reason to use one myself.


How Can Kids Get Started Doing Family History? #familyhistory #ancestry #kidsactivities #kids #atozchallenge #thejoyousliving


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  1. It is a great idea to be able to teach kids about their ancestors. It certainly boost their creativity. In addition, it can also create great bonding among each family member.

  2. These are some great ideas to dig into the family tree. I just lost my Dad 2 weeks ago, so I never took the opportunity to dig into my family tree, but the grandma question book is something that everybody should do.

  3. I tried downloading Family Tree the other day because of your blog. Im gonna play with it tonight. Let’s see if I find something out. 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  4. Playing detective sounds fun and glad to know there are many things to do with our kids at home during the outbreak! Thanks a lot for sharing – Knycx journeying

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