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For my 2017 challenge, I was not sure quite what I wanted to blog about. Numerous ideas were coming to mind but each seemed to require even more energy and strength. So I’ve decided to focus on an acronym for ART:
A – Artists (musicians, painters, photographers, writers, etc.)
R – Reading (books, poems, etc.)
T – Theater (movies, musicals, plays, etc.)

So let’s begin…

Artists: Andreas H. Bitesnich (Austria)

I confess that nudes tend to bore me. See one and you feel like you’ve seen them all. But fast forward… and I discovered the incredible Andreas H. Bitesnich‘s photography that is both euphoric and tasteful. 

Pulling away from the clutter and busyness of life, Bitesnich uses his subjects almost as a sculptor would mold clay. Any of his nudes collection could easily be used to define the meaning of Sexy.

What makes Andreas H. Bitesnich such a prolific and unique artist? #andreasbitesnich #artist #art #beauty #sexy #atozchallenge #thejoyousliving

To Bitesnich, the human body is a complete work of art, deserving of unceasing tribute and of being constantly rediscovered.” – Editorial review for: Nudes, 1998

R: Atonement Child (Francine Rivers)

The Atonement Child was my first Francine Rivers’ book and I have returned time and time again to it.

The story centers on a young lady who is raped on her way home from work. She experiences judgment, confusion, betrayal, and much more as she debates whether to have an abortion or not. Her faith in God is tested time and again and the relationships she has with her fiancé, friends, and family are strained and thoroughly challenged.

T: Aspects of Love (Andrew Lloyd Webber)

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Aspects of Love has got to be my all-time favorite musical. The beauty of the music caresses you like a silk scarf. The character of Jenny would be a dream to perform and has on multiple occasions been the inspiration for my writing. And let us not forget that this was when I fell in love with Michael Ball‘s hypnotic voice.