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In 76 very short days I will be getting on a plane with my one-way ticket to London! I cannot believe it’s almost here. I have been prepping and planning since April and what a whirlwind it has been.

Timeline Thus Far:

18 April 2013. Received the University information packet in the mail.
9 May 2013. Applied to the University.
21 May 2013. Received an unconditional offer to study at the University.
28 July 2013. Applied for a loan.
20 August 2013. My loan was certified.
7 October 2013. Started my VISA application.

Yours Truly at the Tower of London, 2013

And now here we are 76 days away from the start of something exciting and wonderful.  Ever since I first received the university’s information packet in April I have felt God’s guiding hand and provisional blessing.  It is going to be the beginning of something amazing and wonderful, I am confident.

Sampling the Bath Waters, 2013

Tomorrow my scholarship application is going in the mail! (Fingers crossed — they are very competitive)

Meanwhile, I am busily working on finding the proper housing scheme (debating between two options right now), finding an international bank option, making contacts in the arts sector, attempting to sell some items, and trying to work out my finances so I am a good steward of what God gave me.

Yours truly with good friend, Kaz, at Hampton Court Palace 2013

If you think of me and my exciting adventure, would you stop and send a quick prayer for me?

Some specific prayer requests:

  • That I would continue to seek God’s guidance/leadership.
  • If it is God’s will, I would win a scholarship and find a way to earn some extra money.
  • That I will have an abundance of God’s peace during this “hectic” time.
  • That I will be able to discern God’s guidance when making fundamental decisions.
  • That I will be open to God’s preparing me for this opportunity and future relations and career options.
  • That I will be diligent at my job up until the last minute and a good friend making a point to spend quality time with my loved ones.

Thank you!!
7-6 More Days!

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