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Need a gift for dogs and their lovers? Check out these 6 dog gifts for dogs and their lovers.

#1. Snoozer Car Seat

There is no doubt that Captain Hastings LOVES his Snoozer Lookout Seat that we got for Christmas last year. He LOVES it! Not only is the seat cozy and warm like his bed at home thanks to the simulated lamb’s wool interior, but it also allows him to see out of the car window (a favorite pastime of his) on our road trips.

And it gets my two thumbs up also because of the added security and protection it provides in case of an accident. Using his harness/leash combo (sold separately), we can hook him in and attach him to the seat belt.

#2. BinetGo Donut Dog/Cat Bed

I just bought the pink donut bed in large (24x24x6″) for Captain Hastings, my Jack Russell Terrier. And he LOVES it!

The bed has a non-skid bottom, can be thrown in the washing machine and dryer (low heat) with no problem and is super comfy and cozy.

This is a perfect bed if your pup gets cold and needs some extra warmth in the winter months.

#3. JIATECOO Classic Plaid Dog Sweater

I bought this sweater for Captain Hastings in January. He looks so posh and it keeps him warm during the cold weather season.

I have had no trouble washing and drying the sweater and ten months later it still looks great.


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#4. Lickimat Classic Slow Feeders

At the recommendation of my brother’s girlfriend, I bought Captain Hastings these lickimats when we moved to our new house and he loves them.

Hastings Alyosha could choke on his food due to how fast he gobbles it up. The lickimat helps to slow him down and he seems to enjoy the adventure of eating.

Personally, I find the green mat is easier for him to eat from and when we use the orange mat there is a higher likelihood of wet food leftovers stuck on the mat.

#5. LayziePaw Christmas Hide and Seek Plush Dog Toy

Hide and Seek toys are the ‘it’ thing right now for dogs. Dogs who love squeaky toys and/or puzzle toys will surely enjoy a hide and seek toy. There are fun Christmas themed options that could make for a fun Christmas gift for your furry friend.

#6. Alfie Pet – Levin Padded Recovery Collar for Dogs and Cats

When Captain Hastings had an infection in his ear and kept scratching, I was worried he was going to make his ear even worse so I found this padded collar online and we fell in love. It is a MUST HAVE for anyone with a small dog or cat.

Size warning – the sizes are SMALL. I got the X-Large for Captain Hastings (a Jack Russell) that he can slip off his head when it is not tightened. However, any larger of a dog is likely not going to be able to get their neck through the collar. According to the official description —  the X-Large best fits neck girth 7.75-12.5″ with the overall diameter of 14″.

For dogs who love their pillows, the collar ends up being a very cozy pillow that they can rest their head on. I don’t think Captain Hastings minded the collar (that much!) unlike the typical cone you get from the vet.

Personally, I believe that this collar is a MUST for all dog and cat parents! Your pet will be very grateful.

For larger dog necks (up to 14″), Alfie Pet has this adorable velcro option [not tested by The Joyous Living].

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