14 Tips To Celebrate Summer: Freshen Up Your Lingerie Drawer

The Joyous Living: 14 Tips for how to Celebrate Summer

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Autumn is less than one week away! So how best should we celebrate the last week of summer?

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Tip #13: Freshen Up Your Lingerie Drawer

Freshen up your lingerie drawer with some Fantasie Lingerie (see also my SS16 Ivana post here). Yes, this is primarily a post for the ladies but gents I don’t see any complaining to the idea, no?

The LEONA Blush Spacer Full Cup Bra. (c) the joyous living

Review of the LEONA Bra (Fantasie)

As the tag (above) says, “comfortable, light and breathable cup with fantastic fit” and I could not agree more. As I tried on the bra for the last 2 days I was impressed by how often I forgot I was even wearing a bra. It was such a “fantastic fit” and so “comfortable”. And honestly at first I thought maybe I’d ordered a size too big when I saw the bra but nope it was perfect. Did I mention how comfortable it is?

The LEONA Blush Spacer Full Cup Bra. (c) the joyous living
The LEONA Blush Spacer Full Cup Bra. (c) the joyous living

Favorite Bra Designer

But really one of my favorite aspects of any Fantasie Lingerie bra is the detailing. There is always gorgeous embroidery and detailing that is subtle in nature without being gaudy nor does it seem to show through a normal t-shirt or blouse.


The Leona also comes as a balcony bra.

Matching Knickers

Leona Blush Brief. (c) The Joyous Living

Just look at that gorgeous embroidery and detail! I felt so pretty and like bursting into song (some West Side Story perhaps?

Leona Blush Brief (c) The Joyous Living

The back of the panties looks sheer in the photograph but in actuality were not. Good lift and coverage.

Leona Blush Brief. (c) the joyous living


There is also a full brief available with extra lace.

But seriously — isn’t this a gorgeous matching set to freshen up your lingerie drawer?

Where to Buy

You can buy the set online at numerous stores  online and in stores including Amazon, Fenwick (at Brent Cross Shopping Centre in London), and Her Room.

For more listings by Country and/or State visit Fantasie’s online stocklist.

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