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The Joyous Living: 5 Ways to Celebrate a Gotcha DayMany of you have probably celebrated your birthdays with week-long celebrations. No? I know I have! Being able to indulge in favorite foods, get-togethers with friends and family, sleeping in, etc., are fun ways to celebrate your birthday.

But what about a Gotcha Day? How do you celebrate your Gotcha Day? Personally, I think of my Gotcha Day as a more special and significant day for celebrating since that was the day that I came home from Korea to my parents who were waiting with family and friends in LAX with balloons and tears of joy.

5 Ways to Celebrate Your Gotcha Day

#1. Sit Down to a Meal from your Homeland

When I was a little girl, my mum and I would spend the whole day making Korean dishes for dinner. Our kitchen and house would smell like Korea. It was a very fun way to spend a day with my mum. As I got older, we as a family would go to a Korean BBQ restaurant in town for dinner.

Both were and are special experiences I will always cherish. It is so fun to experience some of my heritage and culture even if it is at a restaurant since most of the year I’m eating standard fare here in the States.

#2. Re-watch your Adoption Video

Do you have a video of your arrival? Do you have a video of your adoption at court? It is always a lot of fun go to back and watch these videos with the family as parents talk about the memories and us adoptees can ask questions and reminisce.

Do you have your video on VHS or cassette tape? You will want to have the images and memories preserved on DVD or Blu-Ray. Many photo shops including CVS will have an option even if it is not advertised they can at least direct you to the right vendor.

I also love to watch this gorgeous video of Rachel Potter singing a song written specifically for an adoptive mother and her daughter, thanks to Kathie Lee Gifford and David Friedman.

#3. Watch movies from your Homeland

With all the international t.v. series and movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime nowadays, it’s even easier to find something to watch from your Homeland in your native tongue.

Korean Movies to Stream

Parasite (R) – A dark comedy about greed and class discrimination. Three families destroy each other in their pursuit of the ultimate. (Many disturbing scenes.)

Currently available to stream on HULU.

On Your Wedding Day (13+) – A 10-Year emotional rollercoaster of a romance that repeats itself, filled with near misses and first loves.

The Handmaiden (Amazon Original) (18+) – A Korean language film with English subtitles about a Korean woman who has been hired as a handmaiden to a young and secluded Japanese woman. All the while the handmaiden is plotting her mistress’ demise and destruction in this crime drama.

The Greatest Love (TV Series) (13+) – This romantic comedy is about a K-Pop idol who accidentally gets on the wrong side of Korea’s lead action actor. In order to restore her career, she has to appear as the ‘villain’ on an old bandmate’s reality dating show. Of course, nothing goes right and both the Bachelor on the dating show and the actor fall in love with the singer.

#4. Create New Traditions Together

When I was a teenager, my mum and I would take off for the afternoon to Universal Citywalk in Los Angeles. We’d grab lunch and walk around. It was a fun tradition that was just us girls and allowed us time to bond and create memories together.

Creating traditions that you can look forward to all year long are wonderful ways to celebrate a Gotcha Day.

#5. Take New Family Photos

You probably have a first family photo, no? I still have mine even if it’s grainy and dark from the 1980s. And each year it’s fun to get a new photo taken so you can look through the folder of photos and see how you’ve all changed and stayed the same. And one day, when your parents are no longer with you on this earth it’ll be even more special and meaningful to have these photos as memories and testaments of your family’s love.

There you have it! 5 ways to celebrate your Gotcha Day. I hope you’ve enjoyed these suggestions from my experiences. And a very happy Gotcha Day to you!

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