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Need a suggestion about gifts for the dog?

Thankfully Amazon has terrific shipping options for PRIME members which means you can do your final last-minute shopping from the comfort of your office or home.

So far on the 2019 Gift Guide, we’ve covered things from customized jewelry to theater tickets to Giving Back to Disney. Today I want to share some of my favorite gifts for the family dog. Most of these I have personally received and/or purchased myself. If I have not tried any of these out I will make sure to note that in the description.

#1 JOYELF Dog Bed

The JOYELF dog bed is perfect for Captain Hastings and me as we share my twin sized bed. Because the bed is shaped like a boat, it can easily fit alongside me in bed and we’re not fighting for room to stretch out. Also, the covers are easily removed (zipper) to throw into the wash.


#2 Snoozer Car Seat (Favorite Gifts for the Dog)

There is no doubt that Captain Hastings LOVES his Snoozer Lookout Seat that we got for Christmas last year. He LOVES it! Not only is the seat cozy and warm like his bed at home thanks to the simulated lamb’s wool interior, but it also allows him to see out of the car window (a favorite pastime of his) on our road trips.

And it gets my two thumbs up also because of the added security and protection it provides in case of an accident. Using his harness/leash combo (sold separately), we can hook him in and attach him to the seat belt.

#3 KONG Chew Toy

Hastings cannot get enough of his KONG especially when filled with peanut butter (see #4). Although he is a jack russell terrier and his sister is a shepherd mix, they boy find the puppy kongs to be adequately sized and perfect distraction when we have the gardeners.

#4 Green Coast Pet PAWNUT BUTTER

I have never tried the Green Coast Pet pawnut butter. However, it is sold by a friend’s husband’s company and the price seems pretty comparable to the large Kong stuffing tube I bought from Petsmart so I will have to try it next time.

The ingredients are free of preservatives and only include peanuts and flaxseed.

#5 Slow Feeder

I have never tried this specific feeder but it is in my Amazon shopping cart. Listed as #1 in dog slow feeders, the Outward Hound feeders come in a variety of colors and designs and sizes.

According to Amazon,

  • They are made with food-safe materials that are BPA, PVC & Phthalate free.
  • All Fun Feeders work great for dry or wet food diet.

If your dog inhales his food (like Captain Hastings), you’ll be glad you tried a slow feeder.

Currently I use Ohguya (#96, as of 4 December 2019) and my brother uses Machao (#29, as of 4 December 2019) with positive results.

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