4 Magical Disney Vacation Money Saving Tips BEFORE The Trip

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Updated 9 April 2020.

Now more than ever, families need to save their nickles and dimes with so many out of work and paying off unexpected medical bills due to the terrible Covid-19 outbreak. While the parks are closed and families try to grapple with this new reality, here are just 4 tips on how you can save money and possibly thus be able to afford a trip to the Magical Kingdom after all has calmed down. STAY SAFE and HAVE A MAGICAL DAY.


Happy Day, friends. Are you planning a trip to Disneyland or Walt Disney World? Perhaps you’re holding off because of the Coronavirus. Either way, I’m sure you too are conscientious about how much $$ you’re going to be spending at the parks. With park tickets having gone up last month, it costs a small fortune for a family of four to go to a Disney theme park.

Here are 4 ways to save money BEFORE you even step into a Disney theme park:

4 Money Saving Tips for Your Next Disney Trip #disney #disneyland #waltdisneyworld #thejoyousliving #blogger

#1. Buy Souvenirs BEFORE your Disney trip!

[If you have young kids, it would probably be easy to hide these souvenirs in the basket of your stroller or in the family backpack.]

Do your kids like to collect pins? How about getting a lanyard beforehand?

And what about an autograph book for all those fabulous signatures?

Lastly, do not forget about those ever popular spinners and bubble wands!

I see these spinners and especially bubble wands EVERYWHERE at the parks! If your kids will be begging for one or both, best to plan ahead and pack it for the trip! You’ll probably find the best deals at a Dollar store as summer gets closer and a big box shop like Target.

#2. Bring Snacks and Lunch into the Park!

How about a cute lunch pail for your snacks and sandwiches? The best part is these pails can be REUSED and you can tell the kids it is the equivalent to a ‘happy meal’ and they get to keep the pail!

Financially, by bringing your own snacks and lunch into the park, you can easier afford dinner for the family. Don’t forget if you have a Disney VISA card they offer a 10% discount at select locations in American parks.

#3. Hunt down Disney Bonuses/Discounts!

The Joyous Living Meets Captain America at Disneyland California Adventure

Big box shops like Costco and Sam’s Club will often have Disney gift cards and vacation packages that come with a bonus. For example, a Disneyland Good Neighbor hotel package includes a $145 gift card to be used for dining or shopping AND a souvenir lanyard and pin! [as of 3/4/2020]

#4. Invest in a Battery Charger!

Yes, Disneyland offers portable chargers (that can be exchanged for free) for $30 plus tax (as of 4 March 2020). However if you prepare ahead of time and get your own (often found for dollars in the check-out queue at major stores like Target and Best Buy) you’ll be saving up to 1/2 the cost and 100% of the frustration. You don’t want to miss out on capturing those special moments on your phone or camera because the battery died.

Also, be sure to empty your photo roll on your iPhone or smartphone so you have plenty of room for photos during your trip!

The Joyous Living: 4 Magical Money Saving Tips for BEFORE Your Disney Trip

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  1. Hehe….if you say so. I would love to begin carrying souvenirs with me. It’s a good practice, ain’t it?

  2. These are such good tips, Disney can be a once in a lifetime place to visit for some families and so easy for it to be a very expensive one too

  3. These are awfully great tips. Disney is one of the most expensive places to visit with kids on the planet, lolx

  4. Those are some great tips to keep in mind. It’s always nice to find ways to lessen your expenses whenever traveling.

  5. These are fantastic money-saving tips. Thanks for all of the awesome tips! I’ll be sure to take a few of these into account when I go for disney trip.

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