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Celebrate the 22nd anniversary of The Battle of Hogwarts with 7 movies featuring Harry Potter actors.


For those of you who might not be in touch with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter – The Battle of Hogwarts was the final conflict in the Wizarding War when Voldemort and his Death Eaters laid siege to Hogwarts School in Scotland to kill Harry Potter.

For those of you missing the iconic cast of Harry Potter, I’ve put together 7 movies starring Harry Potter actors outside of the wizarding world!

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Movies With 7 Favorite Harry Potter Actors

#1. Alan Rickman – Sense and Sensibility (PG)

Were you a fan of Snape? Did you perhaps have a crush on Snape? Then you need to see his performance as heartthrob Colonel Brandon opposite Kate Winslet in Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility. There are many things that I could find fault with this production (casting for one) but Alan Rickman is PERFECTION as Colonel Brandon. The movie also features Original “Fat Lady” Elizabeth Spriggs. So, it is a twofer with two Harry Potter actors.

#2. Ralph Fiennes – Schindler’s List (R)

Ralph Fiennes was the ultimate baddy in Harry Potter and my favorite of the Harry Potter actors. If you think he couldn’t get any crueler and eviler, try his incredible and CHILLING performance as Amon Goeth, camp commandant, in this Holocaust movie opposite Liam Neeson.

#3. Daniel Radcliffe – The Woman in Black (PG-13)

We all loved watching Daniel Radcliffe grow up as Harry Potter. He was sweet, cute, could play a mean match of quidditch, and fought against evil. However, a grown-up Daniel Radcliffe in The Woman in Black is a whole other entity. He truly comes into his own as an adult actor in this movie based on the ghost play.

#4. Emma Watson – The Bling Ring (R)

Emma Watson was the teenage boy’s sweetheart when she starred as Hermoine Granger in the Harry Potter series. Even her turn as Belle in the live-action production of Disney’s Beauty on the Beast kept with the good girl image which is why I decided to share her rare turn as a bad girl, Nicki Moore (based on Alexis Neiers).

#5. Julie Walters – Mamma Mia! (PG-13)

Julie Walters is probably best known to those in their 20s and 30s as Ron Weasley’s momma. However, she is a genuine comedian in her own right and is one of the funniest trios – alongside Meryl Streep and Christine Baranski in the Mamma Mia! series. I especially LOVED her “Take a Chance on Me“.

#6 Richard Griffith – Pie in the Sky (TV Not Rated)

Before becoming known as Harry Potter’s evil Uncle Vernon, Richard Griffith was a comedian with an OBE to his name. One of his hit shows (available with ACORN TV) was “Pie in the Sky” where he plays a detective who moonlights as a chef at Pie in the Sky. The cases are simple and won’t tax your brain – much like a classic Murder, She Wrote or Matlock. But the ensemble cast is fun and entertaining and the show makes for some lighthearted fare.

#7. Jason Isaacs – The Patriot (R)

Before he was Lucius Malfoy and the voice of the Basilisk, Jason Isaac was one very sexy baddy opposite Mel Gibson in the American Revolutionary War movie, The Patriot. I can honestly say I had a bit of a crush on Mr. Isaacs during my high school years thanks to The Patriot. If you enjoyed him as bad-boy Lucius Malfoy, you’ll love him in this period action film.

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Movies featuring Harry Potter actors outside the wizarding world. 7 movies to celebrate the 22nd anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts #battleofhogwarts #harrypotter #movies #alanrickman #ralphfiennes #danielradcliffe #thejoyousliving

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