Day: November 8, 2017

Dogs are NOT Accessories!

This makes me so mad/sad. A precious rescue, Raylito (golden retriever/poodle mix, 7-8 years old), was adopted in September and RETURNED 🙁 Raylito (C) Life Animal Rescue. You just don’t do that!! Dogs are NOT accessories you can return to the store if you change your mind. They have feelings, hearts and needs. Yes, some […]

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Cavalia: My Surprise is Here!!

I promised you all a surprise and am beyond jazzed to finally share it with y’all today… Today invited guests (including YOURS TRULY) were able to go behind the scenes and check out the set and stars of Cavalia: Odysseo in Camarillo, California, ahead of the 11/11/17 opening show. Check out my YouTube video highlighting […]

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