14 Tips to Celebrate Summer: DIY Arts and Crafts

The Joyous Living: 14 Tips for how to Celebrate Summer

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Autumn is just 13 short days awaySo how best should we celebrate the last days of summer?

Tip #6: DIY Sun Prints

Yesterday I suggested some couch time to enjoy a free trial of Britbox on Amazon Prime where you can binge watch favorite shows such as Agatha Christie’s Poirot (the show my doggy was named after — Captain Hastings). TODAY I thought we could get off the couch and go back in time to our childhoods. Let’s make some DIY Sun Prints!!

DIY Sun Prints (c) Scholastic.

Instructions for DIY Sun Prints

Thanks to Scholastic we have some easy to follow instructions and what’s better you don’t have to go shopping for expensive sun print photo paper if you don’t want to:

  • Place colorful construction paper in the sunlight.
  • Create designs on the paper using flat items you are able to find outside such as leaves and flowers.
  • Cover the items with clear plastic wrap (or plexiglass) and weigh the edges down with rocks, so that the plastic lays flat and won’t blow away.
  • Leave your project in the sun for two or three hours.
  • Wa-La! You have your own DIY sun prints.

This would also make a great school holiday activity when kids are home for Rosh Hashanah on Monday.

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