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14 August 2018

Back to School Sales!

I love back to school season. Man, if only my hands were working as they should I would be enjoying all the new pens and pencils and notebooks on offer.

Here are just a few of my favorite back to school sales I have found online at Amazon... Please share if you have seen any others yourself. 😃

  • The ultimate writing essential kit includes: 2 permanent markers, 1 dry erase marker, 3 highlighters, 6 ballpoint pens, 1 gel pen, 2 felt pens, 3 mechanical pencils and 2 erasers
  • Back to School Essentials Supplies Kit (K-8) includes: 8 Dixon #2 pencils, 1- 1" binder, 2 spiral notebooks wide ruled, 2 wide ruled composition notebooks, 2 2-pocket paper folders with center prongs, 1 12" wooden ruler, 10 Crayola "washable" markers, 24 Crayola crayons, 12 Crayola sharpened color pencils, 2 Elmers school glue sticks, 1 Elmers school glue 4oz, 1 double sharpener, 2 pink erasers, 1 kids scissors, 1 hard pencil box.

UPDATE (8.11.18): For a limited time only, up to 80% off back to school reads on the Kindle.

Be sure to share your favorite sales you've found in the comments below! xo

31 December 2015

New Years: Let's Get in Shape!

O man! It's already New Years Eve and I am so not mentally ready. Are you? So what are your exciting new resolutions that you plan to carry through all 366 days of 2016? My #1 is to attain 100% healing with my chronic fatigue and finish my dissertation/MA -- 2 years later, but hey who's counting?  My doctor prescribes an eating regiment, herbs and supplements and of course some exercise (oddly he is most interested in my upper body strength so has my becoming bffs with my bright orange kettle bell, lol). So why not add a shiny red jump rope to the mix?

15 June 2015

Say Yes to Summer Hair!

Summer is almost here! And ladies, time to give your tresses a beautiful makeover. A deep conditioning at your stylist's salon is always a great start but another and less expensive option comes from Zakia's Morocco Beauty
Zakia's products are all natural and is "based upon ancient beauty treatments handed down over the centuries from Moroccan women to their daughters."

28 April 2015

A Probiotic for Women!

Probiotics are quite the it thing and yet I was clueless about their very existence until I got post-viral fatigue in November 2014 and suddenly I was being introduced to all these wonderful new supplements (at least new for me). Since November I have gone through my fair share of probiotics - different brands, types and etc. both from the pharmacy and the doctor - so when I was offered the chance to try out Hyperbiotics' PRO-Women Probiotic for Women with Cranberry Extract & 100% Naturally Occurring D-Mannose, I figured why not. I do not pretend to be a medical professional nor an expert on supplements, heck I only learned about them in November, but after testing out these pobiotics for a fortnight, I reckon I am qualified to say a thing or two from my experience. :)