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Welcome to my 1st Blogmas Challenge!
It is always exciting to try something new and I hope that we can enjoy this challenge together. Since this is my first challenge and I am never sure how much my hands will allow on any given day, I am not quite sure how many days I will be able to accomplish but here's my initial schedule of 12 --
  1. What to Watch on Netflix (previously did an Amazon Prime post on 11/30)
  2. SantaHQ Review
  3. The Beginner's Bible Review & GIVEAWAY!
  4. Gift Guide for Dad
  5. Holiday Lights Review (Ronald Reagan Presidential Library)
  6. The Nativity Story (Top 5 reasons to watch)
  7. Gift Guide for Mom
  8. Billy Graham's God's Good News Review
  9. An American Christmas Review (Ronald Reagan Presidential Library) (coming 12/12)
  10. Gift Guide for BFFs
  11. The Christmas Candle Movie Review
  12. Giving Back at Christmas

Hope this works out... Can't wait to bring you more! Happy Christmas!!


  1. Good Luck! It's my first year too! Already wondering if I have bit off more than I can chew. But I've done two posts and that's already more than I have been doing lately. Can't wait to see the rest!


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