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Rusticos: Subpar Cannolis

Anyone who knows me knows that I love a good cannoli batter. I'll take it any way it's made - in the shell, in a cake, in a cupcake, etc. When it is on the menu, my eyes are immediately drawn to it. So why do I dislike Rustico Restaurant's cannolis so much?

First of all, the shell is nothing like a traditional crispy shell. Their shell tastes and smells more like a churro due to the cinnamon.

Secondly, the batter seems to be missing a very important ingredient -- ricotta cheese! I swear. I've had their cannolis twice now and both times I shared it with my mum and we came away both times thinking "ugh" and agreeing that the batter is way too light to contain any of the necessary ricotta cheese that gives it that incredible taste.

If you're looking for a good cannoli in the Thousand Oaks area, try Roma's Deli in Newbury Park. They sell their own homemade cannolis as well as freshly baked cannoli shells you can pour your own batter into. Another option is Carraras in Moorpark or Agoura Hills that sells mini cannolis in their bakery.

So what do you think? Is ricotta cheese a requirement for a good cannoli? Have you ever had the cannolis at Rustico Restuarant in Westlake Village? Leave your thoughts in the comments below! x


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