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AtoZ: Reflection Post

I did it! I finished my third A to Z Challenge (first being 2016 and I had to bow out of 2018 due to my lung illness). Woot Woot.

My most emotional post:
Notre Dame De Paris. I had written this post a week ahead of time and so when 16 April happened and I realized what my "N" post was about I got a chill. Talk about timing!

My favourite plays/musicals I was able to share include:
Les Miserables, Aspects of Love, Rebecca, Miss Saigon and the gorgeous Laurence Fox in "Strangers on a Train".

My favourite new blogger (thanks to A to Z Challenge 2019):
Tamara aka the Part Time Working Hockey Mom. She did a fabulous (!!) series on true crime, a favourite subject of mine. You might remember I did my first A to Z Challenge on remembering victims of crime.

Most Helpful Advise:
It really helped preparing my posts in advance! A huge thank you to the A to Z Challenge chat on Twitter a couple years ago where I heard that tip.

Thoughts for the Future:
I love a good challenge and think next year it would be fun to do hymns or Disney as a theme. Ideas are already flowing. :) For the rest of 2019 though, I hope to write at least one post per week and stay in touch with the new bloggers I have discovered thanks to the 2019 challenge.

Thanks again to everyone who followed along!!!


  1. I did this many years ago and enjoyed it immensely. I never heard of it after that. Thanks for sharing how the challenge helped you.

    1. thanks for stopping by Angela! Maybe you can join up again next year

  2. I just found your blog from the reflection post of another A to Z-er and I'm sorry I missed it during April. I'm following you now so I can go back and catch up. Your theme is a great one!

    Janet’s Smiles

    1. thanks Janet. Coming right over to follow yours too :)

  3. Aawwww, thanks so much for the compliment :-)
    I enjoyed connecting with you as well.
    Here's to completing 2019's A-Z!

  4. This challenge was always fun and a great way to meet new friends. I still have some I talk to because of the challenge. Unfortunately, this will be my last year. Due to chronic illness I don't have the energy to spare for a month long blog hop.


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