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AtoZ: Once Upon a Mattress

Hello. Have you heard of Mary Rodgers' Once Upon a Mattress? It premiered on Broadway in 1959 starring Carol Burnett as Princess Winifred. The musical is a popular choice for high school productions and is a delicious comedy with some great comedic numbers including "Shy", "Sensitivity", Happily Ever After" and "Man to Man Talk".
Carol Burnett in Once Upon a Mattress (1964).
A fun bit is that in 2005 as part of The Wonderful World of Disney they included a studio filmed version of Once Upon a Mattress starring Carol Burnett as The Queen, another role she excelled at. Is there anything she can not do?

Here are two fun videos showing Carol Burnett as both Princess Winifred and The Queen:


Until Tomorrow when I will be sharing my "P" choices I leave you with this comedic Carol Burnett nugget of a video from Putting it Together:


  1. I love this. I've never ever been to a musical, and it's definitely on my bucket list!! I like reading about things I haven't experienced for myself as it gives me a chance to familiarise myself with it. I liked the video from 'Putting it together' ! Xx

    1. "getting married today" is a hoot. i hope you get to enjoy a musical sometime soon!

  2. It premiered 60 years ago... the year I was born !

  3. I love Carol Burnett in just about anything. My daughter was in Once Upon a Mattress last year. It's a fun play.


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