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A2Z: Diary of Anne Frank

The Dairy of Anne Frank is a Pulitzer winning play based on the Anne Frank's The Diary of a Young Girl that premiered on Broadway in 1955.
The Cast of the 1959 Film.
The play was dramatized by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett and has seen the likes of Susan Strasberg (1955 Original Broadway Cast), Millie Perkins (1959 Film/U.S. Tour) and a young Natalie Portman (1997 Broadway Revival) play the title role of Anne Frank with Strasberg receiving a Tony nomination.

Fun Trivia:
  • Otto Frank wrote to Audrey Hepburn asking if she would star as Anne in the 1959 Hollywood film.
  • You can see Shelley Winters' Oscar statue, for Best supporting actress, at The Frank House in Amsterdam).
  • Joseph Schildkraut (Otto), Gusti Huber (Edith) and Lou Jacobi (Mr. Van Daan) repeated their Broadway roles in the 1959 Hollywood film.
  • Queen Juliana was in attendance on 27 November 1956 at the play's Amsterdam opening.
  • Prior to filming the Hanukkah scene, Shelley Winters gave Millie Perkins a glass of Scotch to calm her nerves. The scene had to be reshot because Millie was drunk. 
  • Natalie Portman went to Amsterdam to prepare for the role where she met Miep and Anne's cousin.


  1. Anne Frank and the surrounding history is dear to my heart. My grandparents are fugitives from the Holocaust.

    While we visited the Frank's house in Amsterdam a few years back, I have never actually read Anne Frank's diaries.

  2. Tamara -- I'm so glad to hear your grandparents made it out!


  3. I have not seen the play or any production of Anne Frank. I have read her Diary and other like it, and always find them strangely uplifting as well as terribly sad. I suppose I should give one a go soon.

  4. Wow, I didn't realize they made a play about that. That must be a very powerful and moving thing to see on stage.

  5. I had no idea that Natalie Portman played that role on Broadway!

    Despite being British I had never heard of Anne Frank before I came to Holland in 1997 on a visit, and now I have lived here since 2002 (with my Dutch husband) I still have never been to the museum (queues to get in are too long).

    I have watched the TV-mini series: Anne Frank: The Whole Story, with Ben Kingsley as her dad (2001). They put these films on, on the run u to Liberation Day (5th of May) every year.

    My mother-in-law is from Amsterdam and lived in a Jewish neighbourhood. She was 6 when she watched her friends being taken away to the death camps (not knowing at the time they were death camps). She was also evacuated too. She has stories to tell.

    My Great Uncle escaped out of occupied France with a tin leg and blown-up face - he walked over the Pyreness into Spain with help from the French Resistence.

    That was a fascinating film about Natalie Portman and her background too.

  6. Another fascinating post. Very cool A-z.

  7. I did not know there was an Anne Frank musical. I guess I know a lot less about musicals than I thought :)

    The Multicolored Diary

  8. Cool. The Diary of Anne Frank is one of its kinds in its genre of books


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