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November: Top 5 Musicals To Stream

Top 5 Musicals to Stream in November (c) the joyous living

It's November which means there are lots of new t.v. shows and films to stream online. I will be keeping Christmas films off this list and share them on a separate list coming soon. What kinds of t.v. shows and films do you like to watch? I like a little of everything from comedy to romance to drama to sci-fi to musicals.

So here are a few suggestions to stream...


  • The Last Five Years starring Jeremy Jordan and Anna Kendrick (PG-13 for adult language and adult situations) [Netflix]
Tomorrow I will be share my Top 5 Dramas to stream.
Top 5 Musicals to Stream (c) the joyous living


  1. Great post- I love musicals and I didn't know some of these were available for streaming!! I love Newsies and will definitely be checking out Carousel. Thanks for the list!

    1. i hope you like! Carousel is well done and now Jessie Mueller (Carrie) is playing Julie on Broadway so that's cool.


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