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Happy Thanksgiving

Hi Guys! Two days until Thanksgiving. It has to be one of my all time favourite holidays especially because we can focus on giving thanks for all the amazing things that God blesses us with and there is also the delicious homemade food! What is your favourite dish? I love my mom's creamed corn and green bean casserole in particular.
Happy Thanksgiving from The Joyous LIving
I have previously posted about my gratitude and thanksgiving for amazing doctors and my wonderful dogs and our country's first responders. Of course there are dozens of more reasons to be thankful and so I thought I would share a list. Unfortunately I don't think I will be able to give everything their due time but better something small vs nothing at all, yes?

In no particular order, I praise GOD for the following:
  • My health. This may seem funny to my readers who know that I am currently living what might be called 'half a life'. I'm constantly connected to my oxygen tank and have been out but rarely to mainly visit doctors and to visit family when we were evacuated due to the fires. Yet, I am better off than many and have to be grateful for the fact that I am hopefully on the path to recovery and answers at the least. It has been four long years since I first fell sick when studying in London, England. Last year, I said that I could not even cut a piece of fruit or meat and look at how far I've come since last year... I'm cutting my food!! And not even needing my hand braces at all times. And despite the pain I can manage to type bits here and there. So yes, we have made progress and I must give thanks to God for that even though on most days it is hard to see the progress I've made these past 4 years.
  • My friends. I have lost many friendships and would say my social life is null but I am so blessed by the girls who have stayed true even when it would be easier to pass on by what with their own busy and hectic lives as mums, wives, full-time employees, etc. Thank you to Misty, Ashley, Laurie, Kaz, Laura, Natasha, Ola and Mafe for their timeless love and faithfulness. I have even made some beautiful blogger friends such as Roots Wings and Travel Things who've expressed genuine concern and caring.
  • Local Theatre. I am so grateful for my relationship with Conejo Players, 5 Star Theatricals, Camarillo Skyway Playhouse, Simi Cultural Arts, and CTGLA. The opportunities I have been afforded to review their beautiful productions have been some of the biggest highlights of my days. It has afforded me the opportunity to go out and socialize and enjoy great artistic talent despite being on Social Security.
  • Disability. This year my long adventure has come to a close with a positive result. After a couple years of being told by Social Security that I was fine enough to work (bah! I wish!) and having to wait while my case was in the queue to see the administrative judge, my number was finally called (figuratively) and I drove up to Santa Barbara, saw the judge and a few months later the letter arrived saying I had a favourable decision. What a relief and answer to prayers to know that someone believed me and wanted to help. I now have Medicare and better yet PLAN B is being covered by the State and thanks to Extra Help I have a low cost medication plan! The only big cost I am paying for right now is my supplemental insurance. And it is thanks to Medicare that I am now able to see my current pulmonary medicine team that I raved about earlier.
And of course where would I be without my amazing parents who have been supporting me since the beginning? Despite being on oxygen, in need of heavy medication for pain relief, and etc., I am truly full of gratitude and thanksgiving this year. I hope you too feel full of thanksgiving this year and that your holiday season is full of love and peace and hope. Please share in the comments below some of the things you are thankful for!

Happy thanksgiving from The Joyous Living

x Joy


  1. I really can't tell you how much your kind words mean to me right now. Chronic illness is terrible in so many ways. It's painful and scary and isolating. But to meet people who understand- even when our illnesses are different- helps so much. I will always check in on you and I'm always here when you need to vent or just talk with someone who has walked this path!

  2. It's always great to read words of thanks and positivity by folks struggling from illness or disability. I am one of those people. I am a quadruple amputee. I've always found it better to find the good in things, vs the bad, not only at Thanksgiving but always. Praying for you during this holiday season.


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