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Gift Guide: Dog Lovers

Hi Guys! Can you believe it is already PAST Thanksgiving? Even Black Friday is over. Where does the time go? I hope everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving in the States had a delicious and love centered time with family and friends. We truly have so much to be grateful for!
gift guide for dog lovers by the joyous living

In case you haven't seen my previous gift guide for the book lover, I am trying to create fun themed gift guides this year. This week our guide is geared towards the pet lover, more specifically the dog lover.

1. Santa Paws! One of my favourite Christmas memories last year involved taking my little Hastings Alyosha to see Santa thanks to Santa HQ (HGTV). Yes it is silly but so fun and memorable! So why not find out when your local Santa will be snapping photos with the four legged kids and surprise your loved one with a trip to see the Big Guy?

2. How about a jersey for your sports loving friend's furry friend? Now when you're watching the big game on Sundays together the dog can join in the fun? :D

3. Do you have a traditional gathering to trim the Christmas tree? How about giving an awesome keepsake ornament for your dog loving friend? There are so many choices from frames to paw print casts, etc.

4. Pet Cam? When your friend is out and about at work or etc. how about giving her/him a pet cam so they can keep an eye on their furry baby and also be able to talk to them with the two-way microphone? Yep, there are actual cameras marketed as not just home surveillance or baby monitors but also as pet monitors!

5. Pet Memorial. What do we do when our friends/family have had to say goodbye to their family pet? These can be some of the most difficult times in our lives because they truly are family and their loss is felt strong and hard. So what can we give our friends and family who've lost their family pet recently? How about a memorial gift? There are so many options is can be mind-boggling from wind chimes to frames to memorial stones, bracelets, keychains, etc. One of my favorites has to be the memorial stone - we have one for our late Sheba (one of the best dogs in the world!!) in our backyard with her photo similar to this one. I also understand that some women really appreciate the urn pendants on sale.

6. Last but not least... how about matching outfits?! No kidding. If you do a search on Amazon you'll find dozens of options for matching outfits with cute slogans. And heck you could even get a matching pj set for the pet to join on the Christmas morning fun.


  1. Those paw print casts look so cute and would be a great gift for a dog lover!

    1. could probably even do something similar for cat lovers. :) Happy Holidays!

  2. Great post! I'm a huge dog lover and I always buy my Mum something FROM the dog and we also buy the dog some pressies too :) I tried making those clay paw print decorations once but it went so badly haha!


    1. hope you find something fun for your mum this year. i think 1/2 my gifts last year were for my dog haha. :P

  3. I love these ideas! My dog is a bigger dog so I have a hard time finding cute clothes for her, but I actually found a jersey big enough to fit her at one of our campus stores and I'm totally getting it for her!

    1. that's so awesome your uni has a jersey for your dog :D

  4. Awww, the paw print ornament is a great idea! I'm currently overseas right now so I'm trying to figure out a nice Christmas gift for my dog loving friend. I can't get Cooper's paw print but that gave me an idea to get a customized ornament!

    Thank you for this list!!!

  5. This is such a cute gift guide! As a pet lover, I am always thrilled when someone gives me pet-related gifts and I love doing the same. The paw print ornament is soooo cute! Will have to try it!


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