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Having a Cold When Disabled

Having a Cold When Disabled (C) the Joyous Living

With hay fever, allergies, and colds, the autumn can be rough with everyone getting sick. 4 years ago, I was feeling perfectly healthy and loving life before suddenly catching a case of Tonsillitis before taking a turn for the worse with Fibromyalgia and some unknown lung disease. Since then, a cold is not just a simple cold.

Here are a few suggested remedies for getting better during cold season:

  • Try taking hot water with lemon, ginger and honey to help with sore throats and head colds.

  • Rub some Vicks VapoRub on your feet + cover them with socks to help stop coughs during your sleep.
If you have a chronic illness such as me, you might find that a cold can make all your symptoms worse. This past week, I have been unable to catch my breath and that has led to my being winded (despite resting) and without any strength so that I often felt like I would topple over despite using my cane. And those are just two of the problems I have been struggling with this week. So when a "normal" person might have a head cold and take some tea and cough medicine but will be able to get to work the next day, there are folks like me who have a chronic illness and are on (almost) bed-rest without any relief.

Having a Cold When Disabled (C) The Joyous Living

Do you have any favorite cold remedies?
Stay healthy and strong! x
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  1. I'm not disabled and a cold is bad enough so I really don't know how you contend with all the other stuff that comes with a "simple" cold


  2. Colds are never just Colds to me, I have a lung disease so they always turn into chest infections :(

    Liv x

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