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Fibromyalgia Friday: Gadgets

Good evening friends! Pardon the lateness but here is my latest Fibromyalgia Friday post. Last week the focus was on learning how to weed out the inconsistent "Friend". Today I would like to focus on some gadgets that I have found to be useful and helpful.

1. Portable Medical Exerciser. There are many brands and prices available on Amazon and elsewhere but this is the one my Occupation Therapist would bring to the house each week and the one my parents bought for me. It is helpful for strengthening the arms and hands and can even be used for the feet and legs.

2. Mini Hand Massager. I bought mine at the local CVS Drugstore and it has been a huge help ever since I started using it at Hand Works (the best occupational therapy clinic in Camarillo where I currently go). The price on Amazon is extreme so I would recommend checking out your local chemist and getting it in person for approximately $20. I keep mine in the purse and would happily use it at all hours it is so helpful especially after cooking or eating or trying to type.

3. Wahl Massager. The Wahl company has several different types of hand massagers (requires AC cord) but I'd imagine the heat would be very helpful. Mine is from CVS (same as the mini massager) and used at Hand Works but the price is about the same as on Amazon. I use the massager on my shoulders, arms and legs and they really help with the pain and stiffness.

4. Theracane/ Trigger Point Self Massager. My Theracane was recommended to me by my physical therapist at Camarillo Aquatics and is splendid. It is rough and feels painful when I am extra stiff but man can it help with the knots in my shoulders and back.

5. Tens Machine. I received mine thanks to Medi-Cal insurance after my neck surgery in 2016. It has been a lifesaver. I used to wear mine almost 24/7 whenever I was out and about for the first year after surgery. Afterwards I have used it more sparingly but with great relief in combination with ice. It is also used by my Occupational Therapists at Hand Works at the end of my session.

I hope these suggestions have been useful for you with your own pain. God bless you.