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Fibromyalgia: Find Your Motivation

Hi guys. Do you also suffer from fibromyalgia or of chronic pain?I have been dealing with a diagnosis of fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome ever since November 2014. Let me tell you-it is no fun. So what today's post about? Last week we focus on tools and gadgets that I found helpful in calming down pain and the week before that we discuss cleansing our friend list. This week I would like to speak to you all about motivation.
Find Your Motivation (C) the Joyous Living
If you are like me, you will likely have many days and nights when depression hits hard and fast. And when that happens it seems that no matter how hard you try you cannot get out of your funk nor can you smell the sunshine no matter how hard you try. There would be times I would get books out of the library to try and do some studying or for fun and even though they were sitting on the bench calling to me, I never seemed to have the willpower or passion to move over and open the books and they would return to the library unread after the four weeks had passed. The same could be said for audiobooks and/or DVDs, both educational and entertaining.

So where do I find my motivation?

  1. Devotionals and Bible Reading - if I have enough passion to open the Bible, I will usually feel the weight lifted that morning. I might not be able to do much more that day depending on my strength and fatigue and whether I'm in too much pain but it will often help lift the blanket of depression.
  2. Calendaring - When I look at my calendar and see nothing but medical appointments I can feel more depressed. So it helps to calendar things out further in advance even if that means I have to cancel events due to a bad day. Something to look forward to is so crucial. Have you seen my blog's calendar? Seeing so many exciting events happening in the near future can be invigorating.
  3. Thinking about Others - When you take the focus off yourself and put it onto others, you will likely feel some pressure lifted off your shoulders. I try to think of my dogs' needs for a walk around the block or a game of tug-of-war. Schedule some time with a loved one.
  4. Visiting with Loved Ones - This is a tough one. I personally find it draining to make phone calls whether personal or for medical reasons since I need to use the speaker phone and keep my mind focused and cleared. So planning a time to chat will likely be one of the last things I want to do but it is also one of the most important things I need in my life right now. Like I said in #2, calendaring and scheduling is so crucial to finding motivation. Plan something in advance whether its in person or on the phone.
  5. Seeing a pattern? Buy a Calendar!! - Even if you have troubles with writing and using your hands, do yourself a favor and buy a calendar/day planner and start scheduling at least one fun event each week. You need something on the calendar that will inspire and motivate you to see the week through and that will put a smile on your face. Even if your first planned outing is going to Starbucks with a friend once a month, at least you know that you have 12 dates on your calendar already. ⌣

Some 2019 calendars you might want to check out:

Was this post helpful to you? Why not share it with your friends and fellow survivors? Thanks! And if you have any favorite tips for finding your motivation please share below in the comments!
Find Your Motivation (c) the Joyous Living